Faculty Overview


IIT Kanpur's faculty are among the best in the world in their areas of interest. They impart an education for exceptional careers in engineering and related fields.

The faculty have made significant research contributions to pure science,engineering, humanities and management fields while empowering the next generation of students with a world-class education.


  • Ajai Jain (ajain):Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7642
    Research Interests: Fault-tolerance in VLSI, Parallel Processing, Machine Translation
  • Amey Karkare (karkare): Assistant Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7520
    Compilers, Program Analysis and Optimizations, Functional Programming.
  • Amitabha Mukerjee (amit) : Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7489
    Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Geometric Modelling, Robotics.
  • Anil Seth (seth), Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7231
    Research Interests: Logic in Computer Science.
  • Arnab Bhattacharya (arnabb): Assistant Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7650
    Research Interests: Databases, Data Mining, Sensor Networks, Bioinformatics.
  • Dheeraj Sanghi (dheeraj) :Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7077
    Research Interests: Computer Networks, Protocols, IPv6, Telecom Regulation.
  • Harish Karnick (hk): Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7601
    Research Interests: Automated & Commonsense Reasoning, AI, Programming Languages.
  • Krithika Venkataramani (krithika): Assistant Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-6693
    Research Interests: Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Biometric Recognition, Video Surveillance, Image Processing.
  • Mainak Chaudhuri (mainakc): Associate Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7890
    Research Interests: Computer Architecture.
  • Manindra Agrawal (manindra): N Rama Rao Chaired Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7338
    Research Interests: Computational Complexity Theory.
  • Nitin Saxena (nitin): Associate Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7588
    Research Interests: Computational Complexity Theory, Algebra, Algebraic Geometry.
  • Phalguni Gupta (pg): Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7647
    Research Interests: Sequential and Parallel Algorithms, Image Processing.
  • Piyush P. Kurur (ppk): Associate Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7584
    Research Interests: Computational Complexity, Computational Algebra.
  • Prabhakar T V (tvp): Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7618
    Research Interests: Software Architecture, Knowledge Engineering, Web 2.0.
  • Raghunath Tewari (rtewari): Assistant Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7174
    Research Interests: Computational Complexity Theory, Graph Theory.
  • Rajat Mittal (rmittal): Assistant Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7614
    Research Interests: Computational Complexity, Quantum Computing and Semidefinite Programming.
  • Rajat Moona (moona): Professor (on leave).
    Research Interests: Computer Hardware and Architecture, VLSI Design.
  • Ratan K Ghosh (rkg): Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7645
    Research Interests: Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Processing, Genetic Algorithms.
  • Sanjeev K Aggarwal (ska): Poonam and Prabhu Goel Chaired Professor(on leave).
    Research Interests: Parallelizing and Vectorizing Compilers, Programming Languages.
  • Sanjeev Saxena (ssax): Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7611
    Research Interests: Parallel Processing, VLSI, Data Structures, Algorithms, Heuristics.
  • Satyadev Nandakumar (satyadev): Assistant Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7619
    Research Interests: Theoretical Computer Science, Algorithmic Information Theory, Computible Analysis.
  • Shashank Mehta (skmehta): Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7829
    Research Interests: Computational Geometry, VLSI Testing.
  • Somenath Biswas (sb): Sanjay and Rachna Pradhan Chaired Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7574
    Research Interests: Complexity Theory, Logic.
  • Subhajit Roy (subhajit): Assistant Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7585
    Research Interests: Compilers, Program Analysis & Code Optimization
  • Sumit Ganguly (sganguly): Professor and Head. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7597
    Research Interests: Databases.
  • Sunil Easaw Simon (simon): Assistant Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7975
    Research Interests: Game Theory, Distributed Systems, Temporal Logics and Verification
  • Surender Baswana (sbaswana): Associate Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-6074
    Research Interests: Graph algorithms, Dynamic algorithms and Randomized algorithms
  • Vinay Namboodiri (vinaypn): Assistant Professor. Tel: +91 (512) 259-7576
    Research Interests: Computer vision and machine learning

  • R M K Sinha (rmk): Professor (joint with CSE and EE).

    Research Interests: AI, Pattern Recognition, Vision, Natural Language Processing.

  • Sanjay G Dhande (sgd): Professor (joint with CSE and ME).

    Research Interests: CAD/CAM, Computer Graphics, Robotics.


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