1.1 The Institute Works Department (IWD) is entrusted with the responsibility of construction and maintenance of Residential and Non-Residential buildings and various services of the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.
1.2 This charter reflects the commitment of the IWD in the matter of constructions and maintenance of the above mentioned Residential and Non-Residential buildings and services for :
  Ensuring an efficient, transparent, accountable and cost effective organisation.
  Award of contracts in transparent manner and in the best interest of the Institute and by ensuring maintenance of all round integrity as well as best possible standards and adequate supervision.

Preventive maintenance and special repair for ensuring soundness and safety of building structures.

  Periodic / day-to-day repair and maintenance for ensuring habitability and aesthetics of buildings.
  Efficient and prompt operation, maintenance and upkeep of various services such as Water Supply, Electricity, Air Conditioning, Lifts, Drainage and Horticulture.
  Attention by responding promptly to up-gradation of building structures and providing additions / alterations to meet user specific requirements, subject to structural / technical feasibility and availability of funds.
  To ensure timely, prompt and efficient service to the users of the buildings mentioned above, the IWD shall :
  Provide Service Centres with suitable complaint recording and monitoring system and a single window where complaints and grievances will be registered and acknowledged immediately indicating the time limit within which action is expected to be taken.
  Ensure attending of routine complaints within 24 hours.
  Provide emergency and essential maintenance services beyond regular working hours as well as round the clock particularly in regards to electrical installations.
  Display names, designation, addresses, telephone numbers of all officers up to the rank of Executive Engineers, in all Service Centres, as also the name, designation, address and telephone number of the next superior to whom complaint can be made in cases of unresolved grievances and complaints.
  Ensure intimation of the reasons for delay for non-compliance etc. of the request / complaint / grievance of the residents within 7 working days of receipt of the same.
  Ensure that all persons manning counters at the Service Centres and all workmen wear name badges and carry Identity Cards and that they behave courteously with the residents and users of buildings at all times .
  Provide Action Plan for ensuing year in respect of additions / alternations, special and periodical repairs like white / colour washing, painting etc., not later than 30th April of each year and make this Action Plan along with the Schedule available to the residents in respect of residential buildings and to the administrative authorities concerned in the case of Non-Residential buildings.
IWD shall provide a well orgnanised Grievance Redressal Mechanism.
  By designating an officer of the rank of Executive Engineer as the Grievance Officer who will coordinate and get the needful done. The list of such officials along with their addresses and telephone numbers is enclosed as Annexure-I and would be displayed in all Service Centres.
  By eliciting feed back on performance and for further improvement in providing of various services through questionnaires, surveys etc.
IWD seeks the cooperation of users in the following ways :
  Assistance and cooperation to the maintenance staff in carrying out their bonafide duties.
  Not to make any unauthorised construction or to make any additions / alternations to the premises allotted to them without the express approval of the competent authority.
  To ensure that the accommodation is used only by the allottees and is used only for the purpose for which it has been allotted.
  Not to sublet the whole or part of the accommodation allotted.
  Not to tamper with the equipment and installations and ensure that the electrical installations are not overloaded.
  Maintain the accommodation allotted and the surroundings in a hygienic manner and to use the nearest dustbin for disposal of garbage.
  To be vigilant about the misuse of the scarce resources of water and electricity.
  To be vigilant about public property like pipes, valves, fittings, lamps, tube lights and other accessories installed in common areas such as staircase / corridors / gates / service roads / passages etc.
  To remove unauthorised civil, electrical installations or agriculture / horticulture when called upon to do so by the competent authority.
  To restore the civil and electrical systems to the original shape while vacating the premises.
  To get the electricity and water supply disconnected and obtain 'No dues Certificate' for these services from the concerned units.
  To bring to the notice of the senior officers of IWD, only the genuine grievances not attended to at the lower levels within a reasonable time.
  To feel free to write to the Superintending Engineer for any constructive suggestions for further improving the services.