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Brief Report of Mini-symposium on "Civilian Nuclear Energy" held at IIT Kanpur on July 14, 2007


The proceedings were initiated by the Director, Prof Sanjay Dhande who stressed the need for a discussion on this sensitive topic in an open "academic environment".

The first session had the representatives of the US and Indian governments. Dr. Satish Kulkarni, Counselor for S & T, Health and Environment, Embassy of USA in New Delhi, outlined the status of the American civilian nuclear power sector. The Indian scenario was presented by Dr. Bijon Datta, Chairman, Board for Engineering Sciences, Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI).

The second session belonged to the industry from both countries. Mr. V. Raghuraman, Energy Advisor, CII, conveyed a clear message that Indian private sector has a major role to play in nuclear power industry. Mr. Vinay Mehra gave a presentation on advanced simulation technology applications. He also showed a laptop demo of the powerful nuclear power plant simulators developed by Western Services Corporation, USA .

Academia got an opportunity in the third session in which nuclear engineering education was discussed. Prof. Sean McDeavitt (Dept of Nuclear Engg., Texas A & M) summarized the activities of his department and other 10 major departments of nuclear engineering in US universities. Prof. Kannan Iyer (IIT Mumbai) mentioned the need for more MTech/PhD programmes in nuclear engineering in Indian universities.

The last session was a panel discussion on "nuclear engineering as a career option". It was chaired by Dr. Satish Kulkarni and a very important question about "competitive salaries" was raised by the student members of the audience. This challenge was picked up by Mr Ramesh Chandra, Training Superintendent, Narora Atomic Power Station, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, and Mr Kush, Deputy General Manager - Nuclear Power NTPC Limited.

The mini-symposium ended with a vote of thanks to the sponsors, IIT Kanpur, Versita Technologies (USA) and Western Services Corporation (USA).

Professor Prabhat Munshi
Department of Mechanical Engineering
   Nuclear Engineering & Technology Programme