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Fabrication of Photonic Devices

An all-optical communication system, in which photons instead of electronic charge carriers are manipulated, is almost an ideal communication system because of: (i) its information carrying capacity, in principal, is unlimited; (ii) its cost is dramatically lower compared to that of conventional systems and (iii) there is no electromagnetic interference. To realize an all-optical communication there is need for micro-lasers, compact optical amplifiers, efficient frequency mixers, ultra-fast modulators/switches and sensitive detectors. Reliable and cost effective fabrication technologies are to be developed so that these devices can be replaced the way components are replaced in electronic networks. Our research is focused on the fabrication of photonic devices based on the single crystal fibers of inorganic as well as organic optical materials. Specifically we have taken up the fabrication of Nd: YAG laser, LAP harmonic generator and LiNbO3 modulator/harmonic generator/switch. The single crystal laser are prepared by laser heated pedestal growth (LHPG) setup (Fig. 1) assembled around a home-built 100W CW CO2 laser (Fig.2).

Fig 1. Photograph of the laser heated pedestal growth setup


Fig 2. Photograph of the 100W CO2 laser.


Dr. Bansilal
Centre for Laser Technology
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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