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Aerospace Engineering
Sanjay Mittal   The Flow Induced Vibrations
Tapan Sengupta  

Towards Better Understanding- From Insect to Space Flight

Biological Sciences & Bio-Engineering
K Subramaniam  

Fighting enemies under the ground

Ashok Kumar  

Cryogels Produced by Freezing: Single Approach to Divergent Applications



Chemical Engineering
Ashutosh Sharma   Things that Shape Themselves: Self-organized Patterning on Small Scales
Nishith Verma   Activated Carbon fibers in Environmental Applications
Civil Engineering
Sudhir K Jain  

2004 Sumatra Earthquake and Tsunami

Animesh Das  

Economical Road Design

Ashu Jain   Neural Networks: Do they make sense?
S N Tripathi   Aerosols and Clouds: modification of Earth's Climate
Bithin Datta

Optimal Identification of Unknown Ground Water Pollution Sources in a Contaminated Aquifer

Bharat Lohani

Rain of Information from the Point Clouds of LiDAR



Computer Science & Engineering
T V Prabhakar  


T V Prabhakar  

MOOC on Mobiles for Development

Rajat Moona  

Smart ID Card for IIT Kanpur

Phalguni Gupta  


  Manindra Agarwal   The Complexity of Soyme Isomorphism Problems
Electrical Engineering
P K Kalra   KARMAA
Yatindra Nath Singh  

Brihaspati-Virtual Classroom

Anjan K Ghosh  

Some Electronic Patterns on Surfaces



Industrial & Management Engineering
  R R K Sharma  
Jayanta Chatterjee   Digital Mandi Phase-II DEAL - Digital Ecosystem for Agriculture & Rural Livelihood
Veena Bansal  


Anoop Singh  

Power Market Development in India

Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
  Bikramjit Basu   Novel Ceramics
R Balasubramaniam  

Looking into the Past for Materials of the Future

Anandh Subramaniam  

Neutral Equilibrium Material-Structures

Mechanical Engineering
      Kalyanmoy Deb  
    P K Panigrahi  
V K Jain, P S Ghoshdastidar,
Sunil Jha and Manas Das

Magnetorheological Abrasive Flow Finishing (MRAFF)

Ashish Dutta  

Robot design inspired by biology

Kamal K. Kar  

Looking Materials for High Temperature Engineering Applications (3000oC)

Prabhat Munshi

Brief Report of Mini-symposium on "Civilian Nuclear Energy" held at IIT Kanpur on July 14, 2007

      Vinod K Singh  
    Sandeep Verma  
N Sathyamurthy   Atomic and molecular clusters: designer materials for the Nanoworld
F A Khan   Organic Synthesis
Parimal K Bharadwaj  

Supermolecular Chemistry

K Srihari  

Energy flow in molecules: to be or not to be statistical?

B D Gupta  

Modeling Coenzyme B12

V Chandrasekhar  

Molecular Starbursts

Mathematics & Statistics
Joydeep Dutta   Convex and Non Smooth Optimization
Bansi Lal  

Fabrication of Photonic Devices

Debashish Chowdhury  

Natural nano-machines

R C Budhani

Asima Pradhan  

Cancer Diagnosis

Tapobrata Sarkar   The Music of Strings - Towards a Unified Theory of Natural Interactions
R Prasad
  Atomic Clusters
Bansi Lal

Crystalline fiber based photonic devices



Humanities and Social Sciences
A K Sharma  

Rural Development

Shikha Dixit  

Social Representations of Health and Illness

Braj Bhushan   Posttraumatic Stress and Growth
T. Ravichandran
  Cyberpunk Literature


Advanced Center for Materials Science
K V Rao

High Density Data Storage Materials