Volume 2 No.5                                                                                                                     September 1999

Central Facility

Advanced Centre for Materials Science

The Advanced Centre for Materials Science (ACMS) at IIT Kanpur houses most of the sophisticated facilities required for materials characterization and preparation, especially in the area of metals and ceramics. These facilities are utilized extensively by users from various departments of the Institute as well as other academic and industrial establishments.

The major facilities provided by the ACMS are grouped in five laboratories. These are managed by the Users' Committees drawn from various Departments of the Institute. Each of the Users' Committees is headed by a convenor who along with the rest of the members of the committee runs the affairs of the laboratory. In what follows, an overview of the laboratories along with the major facilities offered by them is presented.

The facilities specified above are supported by the Mechanical Workshop (Mr. S. Singh) and the Electronics Workshop (Mr. Chaturi Singh). These workshops cater to the routine fabrication and maintenance requirements of the centre. Elemental Analysis Facilities in the shape of GBC Integra XL ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer and Milestone Microwave Digesting and Ashing System procured by the centre recently (Directions, vol.1, no.2) have been placed in the Facility for Ecological and Analytical Testing (FEAT). Similarly the Superconducting Magnet facility and Cryogenerator for the VSM are part of the Low Temperature Laboratory of Physics. A group dedicated to Thin Film and Surface Studies is in the process of being established.

The centre also houses the IIT Kanpur-National Instruments Virtual Instrumentation (VI) Cell (Directions, vol.1, no.1). The cell acts as the central repository for the hardware and software for VI Activities, and also has a VI Laboratory with six workstations equipped with DAQ hardware and software.

Research Activities in the Centre have concentrated on Crystal Growth & Electro-optics (K.V. Rao) and Instrumentation (Sanjay Gupta). Facilities exist for the growth and characterization of a wide range of electro-optic materials (ADP, KDP, BSO, etc.). The centre has been one of the pioneers in the area of computer based instrumentation. A range of DTA and TGA systems developed at the centre have been commercialized.

ACMS offers competitive rates for various tests. Special discounted rates are available to users from academic institutions. Potential users within the Institute are advised to contact the respective laboratories. Off-campus users may contact the laboratory convenors directly, or the Head of the Centre.

For Further Information on ACMS:

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Head, ACMS

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Kanpur - 208 016

Phone: (0512) 597830

e-mail: sg@iitk.ernet.in.

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