Volume2 No.1                                                                                                                           January 1999

TECHKRITI '99 :: Celebrating Technology

(19-21 February 1999)

Techkriti is the annual festival of technology organised by the students of IIT Kanpur. When it was started in 1995, the idea was to encourage interest and innovation in technology among students and to provide a platform for industry and academia to interact. In the four years of its existence, Techkriti has evolved and grown, fulfilling its purpose to a large extent and showing potential of being one of the most intellectually stimulating events for students of technology all over the country.


For this 3-day technological extravaganza, students organise exhibitions, lectures, quizzes, games and competitions, all designed to stimulate the creative young engineer. However, the `soul' of Techkriti is Endeavour, the engineering competition. Budding engineers conceive, design and fabricate models to compete in the inter-disciplinary display of computer software, electronic devices, mechanical models, chemical processes, aeronautical designs, civil structures and metallurgical techniques. Models could be functional or a device, or just a design of an implementable product.

Endeavour provides a national platform for the display of technical skills of young engineers from all over the country. Entries in the past have included innovations like an electronic notebook, microprocessor based drilling machine, motor driven crane with height-of-release control and weigh bridge with spy camera. Some displays have also found their way into the industry for possible patents. Competitors also benefit from the Fault Finding cum Improvement Suggestion Competition. In this competition, an educated audience critically examines each entry in an attempt to uncover design errors or to suggest modifications to improve on the contestant's effort.


The lecture and seminar series, Interface, is perhaps the biggest crowd-puller of any Techkriti. In this series, eminent scientists, industrialists, educationalists and other intellectuals are invited to address the audience and talk about the impact of technology in their respective fields. Students get an opportunity to listen to and to interact with people whose names they are familiar with through various science and business journals. Some of the personalities who have been part of Interface so far are Dr. M G K Menon, Professor Yashpal, Dr. Sugata Mitra, Dr. Manju Sharma and Mr. Russi Mody.

The Tech Talk is a series of seminars on technologies which company professionals conduct to talk about the actual technologies with which they are connected. These are highly interactive sessions with displays and practical demonstrations to bring "the real thing" to the audience. Sessions conducted in the previous years (on topics such as Java, VLSI Design and Internet technologies) drew packed audiences and were extremely well-received. They generated discussions in the campus long after the event was over. This event is also popular with the companies, who get an opportunity to promote their latest technologies before an important segment of their consumers, as well as the academia.


Competitions in Techkriti are designed to challenge young minds to greater creativity and innovation, and span the whole realm of engineering education from physics to software.

The Open Software Competition

Innovative software designs by budding engineers from over 350 institutions all over the country are invited in this contest. The judges are drawn from the software industry, IEEE, and engineering faculty from the five IITs.

Design Contests

The Design Contests are the Electronic Circuit Design Contest and the Software Design Contest. In the former, contestants are given a real-life problem, and have to make full use of available technologies to provide electronic solutions. The Software Design Contest challenges computer hackers and programmers with new problems that require their best programming skills and talents; the Graphics Demo Competition calls upon software artists to create dynamic images of beauty using digital paints and brushes.


A mock stockmarket is setup, having numerous companies floating stocks in the "market" consisting of the participants. The stockmarket is simulated by means of a software, developed by the students. This software can be accessed from the Terminals in the computer centre. Participants try and become rich by their transactions in this stock market. This contest has been a real hit among the students in each of the previous Techkritis.

Robot Carrommines

This event has been borrowed from Yantriki '98, an IIT Bombay Mechanical Engineering contest. Participants have to build robots to play in a board-game, involving carrom coins. This contest is being launched for the first time in Techkriti '99, and has already evoked considerable interest among students.

Automobile Quiz

This contest is meant for all the Automobile buffs who thrive on Car trivia. Questions can also have a technical flavour, so that somebody with good engineering intuition can also do very well. A laboratory demonstration will also be held, where engines will be stripped down to educate both the audience & participants on automotive mechanics.


This Civil Engineering contest involves two events:

1. On the spot building of a bridge of a given span and maximum load bearing capacity, using material provided by the organisers.

2. Designing the kind of houses which will be built in 2100 A.D., taking into consideration the social, technical and environmental aspects.


This is a marathon 3-day quiz on technology in which hundreds of students from topnotch engineering and science institutes participate. Sessions include questions, video clips, demonstrations and laboratory experiments from every engineering discipline. Each experiment, question and video is screened by a panel of 10 faculty members of IIT Kanpur. This gruelling event is clearly only for those with confidence in their engineering abilities and stamina.The winners take home the coveted Technology Olympics Shield.


Quest is the technological treasure hunt. Participants do not need to be technical wizards for this event; but alertness and an ability to think on one's feet are essential. This `fun' application of technology requires a capacity to crack computer passwords, decode mathematical and chemical formulae to get a clue, and keep one's thinking straight when a burglar alarm blows off before a clue is reached!


Another attempt to redefine science and technology as being fun is the Technology Carnival. This event is held at the exhibition site. It includes many amusements such as treasure hunts, contests, brain teasers, student-designed electronic games and experimental setups.


This is the section of Techkriti devoted to astronomy. Cosmos will have exhibitions, demonstrations, competitions, presentations of functional models, telescope designs, etc., video and multimedia shows, lectures on astronomy and astrophysics and observation sessions at night.


A new dimension is being added to this festival with Techkriti'99. This is Intex, the Information Technology Exhibition. This is in keeping with all the excitement that Information Technology has generated all over the world. The major objective of Intex is to set up channels of communication between all those who are connected with IT - the manufacturers, researchers, users, teachers and learners.

Techkriti '99 will be held during 19-21 February 1999. Drawing from experience gained in past years, Techkriti '99 will focus on reflecting the practical aspects of engineering education. Contests are being designed to capture the basic concepts of science and engineering of the participants within a specified time frame. These contests will give participants an opportunity to move an idea from the drawing board to the field. The emphasis will not be only on "how much you know", but also on "how you can use what you know." The general student body is excited about Techkriti '99 and is looking forward to this edition of their technology festival.

For more information contact:

Mr. Sandeep Arora

Festival Coordinator Techkriti '99

IIT Kanpur, Kanpur 208016

Phone: (0512) 59 7996

e-mail: tkriti@iitk.ac.in

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