Biomaterials as well as their applications as artificial organs are widely recognized as an emerging area for material scientists, biotechnologists, chemists, engineers and medical professionals. Recent developments in the areas of material science and biological science have enabled an impressive progress in our attempts to develop new biomaterials. The progress in biomaterials research clearly requires an improved understanding in multiple disciplines as well as the development of new design methodologies or utilization of novel processing/fabrication routes in order to obtain better material properties in terms of both physical as well as the biological performance. In the above context, an Indo-US joint center on Biomaterials for health care has been established with the funding from Indo-US Science and Technology forum (http://www.indousstf.org/). This center is currently the largest of all such center in terms of the total number of institutes/principal investigators involved in center activities. The nodal institute of this center is Indian Institute technology Kanpur. The nodal co-ordinator is Prof. S. P. Mehrotra and the center co-ordiantors are Profs. Bikramjit Basu (India) and Thormas Webster (USA).

The center involves active researchers in the area of Biomaterials. As part of this center, the leading researchers from two academic institutions and two R & D labs will participate from Indian side. From USA side, researchers from three reputed academic institutes and one private industry will participate. In addition, one US based private industry, one Indian private industry and one Indian R & D institute provide full support to the proposed center. The overall objective of the proposed center is to combine the cutting edge technologies of fabrication and testing of materials science with the knowledge of biological sciences in order to come up with strategies to develop shaped implant materials in some of the emerging material systems for the purpose of the enhancement of public health. The proposed center will attempt to demonstrate the synergistic flow and utilization of scientific concepts, technological ideas and expertise in an international team of recognized scientists. Each of the team members is capable of executing cutting edge research in their own field, however, to bring such an interdisciplinary research project to fruition we need to utilize and merge the capabilities of each group to the fullest. The focused activities for the center would be in the following areas: (a) Metals, ceramics and polymer based hard tissue replacement (orthopedic implant) materials, with particular emphasis on Nanobiomaterials; (b) Polymer based scaffold materials for tissue engineering application and (c) Formulating strategies based on novel manufacturing routes to Produce complex shaped implant materials

Indian PI

Bikramjit Basu
Associate Professor
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur


Thomas J. Webster
Associate Professor
Division of Engineering
             Brown University, Providence, RI                

Young Researcher Trained

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