Career Profile

Senior business executive with 25+ years of leadership experience in fundamental/applied scientific research, R&D management, strategic innovation, IP Management, new product development and commercialization

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Management Expertise

  • Strategy
  • Innovation
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Technology Management
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    Ph.D. (Chemistry)

    Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA
    Under Nobel Laureate Professor Herbert C. Brown ...More>>>

    Professional Experience

    • (2010-11) - PepsiCo (USA) - Senior Director R&D
    • (2005-09) - S. C. Johnson Company (USA) - World-wide Director R&D
    • (2003-2005) - Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. (USA) - Director R&D
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    Teaching Experience

    • 2012-Present - IIT- Kanpur (India) - Professor
    • 2012 (Spring Semester) - IIT- Kanpur (India) - Visiting Professor
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    Sponsored R&D projects

    (1994-1998) - Stain Removal Through Transition Metal Catalysts (Cu, Fe, Mo, Mn) and Air via Oxygen Activation Global R&D Project-USA, UK, Netherlands - Unilever (USA) ...More>>>

    Select Publications

    • Racherla, U.S. et al., Triple Quantum Magic Angle Spinning 27Al NMR of Aluminum Hydroxides. J. Amer. Chem. Soc. 2002, 124, 3200.
    • Racherla, U.S., et al., Efficient Manganese
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    • Racherla, U. High Moisture Retaining Bars with Borax as Water Structurant, US 6440908.
    • Racherla, U.; Chen, Q. Bleaching with Polyoxometalates and Air or Molecular Oxygen, WO 00/39264.
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    Science Technology & Innovation ..

    Over 120 research publications from academia and industry including independent papers in prestigious journals such as Nature and JACS, 9 patents, and many invited research lectures. Proven track record in inventing, developing and ...More>>>

    Achievements & Recognitions

    • Three engineers who worked directly under my R&D supervision won the PepsiCo R&D Excellence Award in 2011.
    • One scientist who worked directly under my research supervision won the SC Johnson President's Award
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