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Placement Process

The Placement Process involves:

1) Invitations are sent to company with relevant information.
2) A Company can show their interest in recruiting from IME, IIT Kanpur by contacting the Department placement coordinator (DPC).
3) Company sends the duly filled Job announcement form (JAF) by post or email.
4) Date for the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) is scheduled.
Pre-Placement Talk by a company can be scheduled on a mutually convenient time earlier than the allotted slot/date so as to allow companies adequate time to interact with students on the day of campus interviews. No PPT can be scheduled during the duration of mid-semester & end-semester exams or on weekdays of a running semester. The company may schedule the PPT during the weekend or on a holiday at a mutually convenient time.
5) Companies are encouraged to send soft copy of their PPTs and Job Profile which will be uploaded on the internal site available only to the students.
6) Placement week is generally scheduled during the first week of December each year in consultation with the Student Placement Office (SPO), IIT Kanpur. The dates for campus interviews are allotted on basis of information provided in JAF and based on the student's ranking.
7) Interested students register for a particular company.
The companies invited for participation in the Campus Placement Process would be scheduled on the basis of the following key parameters:
a) Corporate Profile
b) Job Profile offered and future growth opportunities for students
c) Compensation Structure
d) Past Relationship with the Institute
e) Placement policy of Student Placement Office (SPO) of IIT Kanpur
8) The company visits the campus on the mutually agreed date and conducts Aptitude/Technical test/Personal Interviews/Group Discussion as a part of their selection process.
9) The company is expected to furnish the final list of selected students on the same day as soon as possible after the completion of the selection process.
10) Once a student is selected in a company he/she will not be allowed to appear for other companies' interviews as per Recruitment Policy.

Placement Policies:

A student once placed with a company shall not be allowed to participate in the placement process further. It is expected that the company taking part in the placement process would give due consideration to the candidate's relevant prior work experience while finalizing the job profile and the compensation package. Once the candidate accepts the offer, the hard copy of the offer letter should reach the IME Department, IIT Kanpur by the end of February.
Dream Company Policy:
In a very exceptional case, if the Placement Committee so decides in consultation with the Student Placement Office (SPO), IIT Kanpur a candidate may be allowed to sit in company of international repute providing an exceptional job opportunity. The student, who has been already placed, will be allowed to take part in the placement process of only two such dream companies, subject to the condition that the 90% of the batch is already placed at that point in time. A dream company may also be given an advance slot/day during the placement week.
Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) Policy:
Summer internship provides an excellent opportunity for the companies to evaluate the candidates for future employment opportunity. We therefore request the companies to provide confirmation on the PPO, if any before the start of the campus placement process. Placement Committee shall contact the organizations where the students of the graduating batch of 2013 have undergone the summer internships. Once a student accepts a PPO he/she will not be allowed to participate in the campus placement process, except in the case of a Dream Company.
Lateral Placement Policy:
A good number of students in the current batch have prior work experience. Through lateral recruitments, companies can get hand-picked students who would be match up for their organization. Lateral placements is a platform, exclusively for such companies which would like to offer lateral positions to the these candidates. For more information kindly get in touch with the faculty placement coordinator.


To operationally streamline the process, more than one company can be scheduled on a Day/Slot. Two slots on a day can be defined as Morning Slot and Afternoon Slot. Unless specified otherwise, placement process on a placement Day would generally begin at 9 am and conclude by 6 pm. Similarly, placement process during Morning Slot (Afternoon Slot) would generally begin at 9 am (2 pm) and conclude by 1 pm (6 pm).
If more than one company is scheduled during a particular day/slot, the placement process for all such companies would start around the same time. Due to a possibility of overlap across the final selection list of the companies during a single day/slot we highly encourage the companies to come up with a waitlist along with the final selection list. The companies shall submit the list of selected students with waitlist (if any) only to the Faculty Placement Coordinator, MBA program IIT Kanpur. The results of the all such companies will be announced together by the Faculty Placement Coordinator at an appropriate time by the end of the respective day/slot. In case a candidate receives offers from more than one company, he/she would have to take a spot decision to choose a company. No deviation in the same would be permitted later.
We expect the recruiting company to match up the high level of corporate standards and adhere to its absorption plan for the selected candidates. Local logistics and hospitality at IIT Kanpur will be provided by the placement team.