Placement Process

  • Invitations are sent to company with relevant information.

  • A Company can show their interest in recruiting from IME, IIT Kanpur by contacting the Department placement coordinator (DPC).

  • Invitations are sent to company with relevant information.

  • Company sends the duly filled Job announcement form (JAF) by post or email.

  • Date for the Pre-Placement Talk (PPT) is scheduled.

  • Companies are encouraged to send soft copy of their PPTs and Job Profile which will be uploaded on the internal site available only to the students.

  • The dates for campus interviews are allotted on basis of information provided in JAF and based on the student's ranking.

  • Interested students register for a particular company.

  • The company visits the campus on the mutually agreed date and conducts Aptitude/Technical test/Personal Interviews/Group Discussion as a part of their selection process.

  • The company is expected to furnish the final list of selected students on the same day as soon as possible after the completion of the selection process.

  • Once a student is selected in a company he/she will not be allowed to appear for other companies' interviews as per Recruitment Policy.






Why Us

M.Tech students of IME Department have been exhibiting strong passion to serve the society as a responsible and integral part of the corporate as well as the academic world. Students of the earlier batches have carved out a niche for themselves as assets to the organizations. Their formidable quantitative, technical and analytical skills coupled with right management acumen that the program imbibes on them gives them a decisive edge over others. The fact is reinforced by the enthusiastic response from the corporate world in form of placements.

The IME program is unique in the sense that students with diverse undergraduate disciplines seek admission in our program for Master's degrees. Through the program they are imparted different management skills. The program is quite rigorous and the students develop themselves to become overall personalities.

An Industrial Engineer is synonymous with Systems developer and Integrator - a big-picture thinker. The IME M.Tech students fit in research related to modeling, quantitative analysis and optimal resource allocation for decision problems in deterministic and stochastic contexts.

Broad areas of application are as follows

» Manufacturing Systems
» Supply Chain Management
» Logistics
» Finance
» Data Analytics
» Service Industries
» Infrastructure Management
» Consulting and other Industrial Systems