Arun P Sinha
B. Tech (IIT Kharagpur)
Doctoral (Fellow) Program in Management (IIM Ahmedabad

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“An Educator and Trainer is how I view myself, Mentoring young minds to develop their managerial skill.”
  • My Main Areas of Expertise:
    • Strategy
    • International Business & Cross-Cultural Management
  • And:
    • Financial Accounting & Cost Accounting
    • Managerial Economics
    • B2b Marketing
My Key Professional Activity
  • I have been with I.I.T. Kanpur (Asstt Prof since June 1982, Professor since 1988) where my activities have primarily been twofold:
    a) The offering of Courses in All my above Areas of Expertise, for the MBA and other masters programs, and
    b) Designing of New Programs
  • Spent a one year sabbatical (during 2005-06) with International Management Institute (IMI) Delhi – For teaching MBA students along my areas of expertise

Present Research Involvement
  • Strategy in Small Enterprises in North East India.
  • Workplace spirituality
  • Privatization

Doctoral Research Supervision

  • Development and diffusion of innovations in multi-organizational settings
  • Workplace spirituality (in progress)
  • Strategy in Small Enterprises in North East India (in progress)

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  • Changing Ideas in Strategy, Narosa, New Delhi, 2010

Case Studies
  1. Doctor Shanker Builds an Enterprise, (the case of a Ph.D. entrepreneur), 1982
  2. Karma Power Products, (unrelated diversification), 1982
  3. Switchgear Corp. of India (Transfer of Technology, India to Malaysia, through Joint Venture), 1995
  4. Textiles of India, (Successful Transfer of Technology from India to Bangladesh through JV), 1995
  5. Uttampur Eye Hospital, Arun P Sinha and R Varman (responding to Market environment and organizational restructuring in a small family-based organization), 1997
  6. Northern India Call Centre Limited, Arun P Sinha and Himanshi Vij, 2007

Extension Education
  • Coordinator of a 20 week training program on Small Industrial Enterprise Management, offered each year from 1994 to 2000
  • Coordinator of Executive Development Programs, including Marketing of Services, Manufacturing of Competitiveness, Industrial Marketing, Hospital Management and others.
  • Visiting Faculty at Kathmandu, Nepal, during 1997, 1998 and 1999 for offering programs on Marketing and Strategy

Sponsored and Consultancy Projects


  • Project on "South-South" Technology Transfer, Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Tokyo, 1995-96
  • APO program to build Supporting Industry in South Asia, Kathmandu, 1996-97


  • Project on Marketing Strategy and organizational development of an Eye Hospital, 1997.
  • Market Image, Market Potential and Strategy for a private General Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, 2000
  • Building Strategy for a Technology Trading organization, 2006.


Institution Building Role

Head, Department of Industrial & Management Engg (IIT Kanpur), Jan 1995 - Dec 1997