Consultancy / Research Projects

Title: “Study on South Asia Regional Electricity Sector” (2014 - )
Agency: The World Bank.

Title: “Alternate Mechanisms for Allocation of Transmission Capacity for Collective Transactions” (2013 - )
Agency: Indian Energy Exchange Ltd., New Delhi

Title: “Cross-border Electricity Trade in South Asia: Prospects for Regional Cooperation” (2013)
Agency: Integrated Research for Action and Development, New Delhi

Title: “Technology and Management Roadmap for UPSRTC Central Workshops” (2012 - )
Agency: Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation

Title: “Study on South Asia Regional Power Exchange” (2011-12)
Agency: Asian Development Bank

Title: “Contribution of Renewable Power towards Eliminating Shortages and Meeting Economic Growth Aspirations” (2011-12)
Agency: ICF Consulting India (for ClimateWorks Foundation (CWF) and Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation (Shakti))

Title: “The Impact of Electricity Reforms on the Power Sector in India” (2011)
Agency: The World Bank.

Title: “Developing a Database for Monitoring of Power Projects and Utility Operations in India” (2010-11)
Agency: Planning Commission, Govt. of India, New Delhi

Title: “Development of Transmission Pricing Schemes for Orissa, (with Prof. S N Singh, Dept. of EE)
Agency: Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Title: "Stakeholder Perspective and Indicators for Climate Policy Action in the Indian Power Sector" (2009)
Agency: Dept. of Economics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK, and Climate Strategies, UK)

Title: "South-North cooperation on implementation of domestic policies" (2008-09)
Agency: Dept. of Economics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge (UK, and Climate Strategies, UK)

Title: "Verification of PX Trading algorithm" (2008)
Agency: PXIL, Mumbai

Title: "Development of Power Sector in UP" (2007)
Agency: Giri Institute of Development Studies for a Study Group formed by Planning Commission to Prepare a Road Map for Rapid Economic Development of UP

Title: "The Institutional Framework for Rural Energy Service from Renewables" (2006-07)
Agency: Dept. of Economics, Cambridge University, Cambridge (UK)
(with Dr. Karsten Neuhoff and Mr. James Cust of Dept. of Economics, Cambridge University)

Title: "The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Electricity Industry (EI) in India" (2004)
Agency: UNCTAD

Title: "Analysing barriers and policy measures to wider adoption of clean and energy (2003-04)
efficient technologies in the power Sector." (with Department. of Elec. Engg., IIT Kanpur)
Agency: Funded by Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and coordinated by Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand

Title: "A Survey on Integrated Assessment Modelling for Climate Change” (2002)
Agency: United Nations University/Institute for Advanced Studies (UNU/IAS), Tokyo.

Title: “Preparation of Study Proposal for Examination of Inter-Fuel Pricing” (2001)
Agency: The World Bank.