Overview of the Department

Set up in 1974 as an interdisciplinary program, the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering (IME) at IIT Kanpur was one of the first in the country to leverage the analytical education of engineers in the training of management professionals. The program subsequently evolved as a full-fledged department in 1988. Under the aegis of IIT Kanpur, known for its vibrant academic culture, the IME department has become one of the well regarded departments of industrial engineering and management in India.

The department currently has 19 faculty members with PhDs from reputed universities within and outside India, having interests in diverse fields such as quantitative and statistical decision modelling, operations and supply management, manufacturing systems, finance, marketing, economics, analytics, infrastructure, IT, Innovation, Intellectual Property Management and knowledge management. In keeping with the overall academic ethos of IIT Kanpur, teaching and research are pursued with passion and dedication. Faculty members are also engaged in a diverse set of activities including industry consultancy, management development programs and public sector projects. Some senior faculty members from this department have gone on to leadership roles in several Indian universities, or gained other recognitions such as: President of the Operations Research Society of India, Vice Chancellor of UPTU, Director of IIM Lucknow, Director of IIIT Bangalore, , and. Director of NITIE.

The department encourages active collaboration with industry as well as other academic institutions. The department receives several faculty applications every year from candidates interested in its research oriented environment. The aim of the department is to continue to excel in its research and training programs, promoting both technical and managerial skills as well as higher ethics and values.

The curriculum at the department comprises state-of-the-art techniques to plan, design, implement and manage integrated systems of people, material, capital, information and technology. The subjects taught provide a well-rounded coverage of the methods to manage and improve productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability of industrial, information and infrastructural (service) systems. In today's competitive era these methods have rapidly become relevant for engineers in all disciplines. Consequently, fresh engineering graduates as well as practicing professionals in fields ranging from computer science to aerospace engineering and architecture to electronics engineering regularly enroll in IME's postgraduate programs.

The department currently offers Dual Degree (for B-tech students only), Ph. D., M.Tech. and M.B.A. programs in Industrial and Management Engineering. The Ph. D. program is widely regarded as one of the best programs in management research in India. Candidates with master’s degrees from diverse academic backgrounds go through a rigorous selection process to gain admission to the Ph. D. program. Research scholars undergo courses in management disciplines such as Quantitative and Statistical Decision Modelling, Operations and Supply Management, Manufacturing Systems, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Innovation, Intellectual Property Management, Quality Models, Service Science & Management, E-Governance etc. Doctoral students from IME have found faculty positions at reputed universities such as University of Florida, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIIT Jabalpur and IIM Calcutta.

The M.Tech. program is the earliest program offered by the department. It provides a perfect blend of coursework in industrial engineering and management sciences. Admission is selective, a high GATE score being a prerequisite. Students take a year of course work followed by a year-long dissertation on a thesis topic. The intervening summer internships are used for practical project work in industries. Several alumni of the M.Tech. program have done our department proud in both the corporate world and academia with careers in reputed companies such as HSBC Analytics, Citibank, Symphony, GENPACT, IBM, Oracle, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Reliance, Texas A&M University and IIMs.

The MBA program was started in 2001, keeping in mind the growing need for managers with a strong technical background. Admission is through the Common Admission Test (CAT) followed by personal interview and group discussion. The syllabus includes several core courses in the first year that provide a broad foundation in management and include a strong practical component, with industrial projects incorporated in the courses. In the second year, students have the flexibility to choose among several electives depending on their individual interests and career goals. Conscious effort is made to keep the course content relevant to the Indian scenario. The case study method is used extensively to encourage participatory learning. The program has a mandatory two month summer internship component. Specialization offered in MBA in area of Service and Manufacturing and functional areas of Operations, Systems, Marketing, and Finance. Recent graduates of the MBA program have been placed in reputed Indian and multinational companies such as GENPACT, Accenture, ICICI Bank, ABN AMRO, Ashok Leyland, ACC, Citibank, Honda, LG, Maruti Udyog, Siemens, and TCS.

In order to be able to offer state-of-the-art academic programs, the department seeks to collaborate with reputed Asian, European and US universities. This will enable the department to globalize its academic research and teaching paradigm. At present the department has collaborations with RPI, USA, and METEC Defence University College (Ethiopia).


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From HOD's Desk

"The engine of today's economy - the business world is increasingly becoming demanding and dynamic. In such a challenging scenario managing people, information and technology in an integrated fashion is going to be the mantra for a successful manager. The MBA programme at IIT Kanpur is an attempt to address this concern in a scientific spirit. Being an integral part of an institution of the stature of IIT Kanpur naturally helps the budding spark to imbibe all the values and ethos that have made it an epitome of excellence.

Our tryst with management started way back in 1974, when the Industrial and Management Engineering (IME) programme was initiated to teach methods to plan, design, implement and manage production and services. The MBA programme introduced in the year 2001, was thus a structured culmination of the process of dissemination of knowledge that had been gathered over the years.

The rising complexity of the business environment has made it mandatory for an engineer to unshackle himself from the confines of mere technical competencies and assume the role of a complete manager. The course of MBA at IIT Kanpur is uniquely designed to train engineers into managers with a holistic outlook. The course is rooted in the Indian environment, along with the required international perspective. With a carefully designed syllabus , we keep up to the true IIT Kanpur tradition of sensitizing ourselves with the latest in the industry. The emphasis is on building people skills, with focus on team skills, indispensable to any organization. The class being a heterogeneous mix of engineers from diverse fields naturally enriches the learning environment, turning it into a fountainhead of vibrant ideas.

The response from the industry has been very enthusiastic and encouraging. This bears testimony to the value adding output that the students of MBA at IIT Kanpur have been giving to the industry and the society. I am sure that the encouragement from the industry will continue in the coming years, as an enforcement of the esteem in which IIT Kanpur is held."

Prof. R. R. K. Sharma

Head, IME Department.

Mission and Values

The Department of Industrial and Management Engineering (IME) at IIT Kanpur has focused various points:

  • Research in cutting edge interdisciplinary areas of management

  • Fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and intellectual asset management

  • Increase the faculty strength in some key areas to compliment our current faculty strength

  • Strengthen PhD, M. Tech and MBA programs with more admissions

  • Build strong ties with industry

Department Administrators

Head of the Department
NameDr. R. R. K. Sharma
Phone:+91-512-259-7172 (O)
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DPGC Convener
NameDr. Deepu Philip
Phone:+91-512-259-7460 (O)
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DUGC Convener
NameDr. Shashi Shekhar Mishra
Phone:+91-512-259-6649 (O)
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Department Placement Co-ordinator
NameDr. Devlina Chatterjee
Phone:+91-512-259-6960 (O)
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Department Outreach, Alumni & Industry Interaction Activities In-Charge
NameDr. Anoop Singh
Phone:+91-512-259-7679 (O)
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Department Conference, Guest Lecture and Seminar In-Charge
NameDr. Subhas C. Misra
Phone:+91-512-259-7430 (O)
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Computer Systems and Laboratory In-Charge
NameDr. Veena Bansal
Phone:+91-512-259-7743 (O)
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Department Website In-Charge
NameDr. Faiz Hamid
Phone:+91-512-259-6431 (O)
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Admissions In-Charge (Ph. D.)
NameDr. Avijit Khanra
Phone:+91-512-259-6180 (O)
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Admissions In-Charge (M. Tech.)
NameDr. Shankar Prawesh
Phone:+91-512-259-6182 (O)
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Admissions In-Charge (M.B.A.)
NameDr. S.V. Vanamala
Phone:+91-512-259-6608 (O)
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Admissions In-Charge (M.B.A.)
NameDr. Amit Shukla
Phone:+91-512-259-6876 (O)
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Student Representatives

Award & Honors

Outstanding Teacher Award
Dr. Kripa ShankerRecipientDr. Kripa Shanker
AwardINAE Outstanding Teacher Award for the year 2015
Distinguished Scientist Award
Dr. R.R.K. SharmaRecipientDr. R.R.K. Sharma
AwardDistinguished Scientist Award (Engineering / Industrial Management ) - VIFRA 2015
Outstanding Faculty Award
Dr. Subhas C. MisraRecipientDr. Subhas C. Misra
AwardOutstanding Faculty Award (Engineering / Industrial Management ) - VIFRA 2015
Membership Award
Dr. R.R.K. SharmaRecipientDr. R.R.K. Sharma
AwardMembership award for contribution to the IBAE's (International Academy of Business and Economics, Las Vegas) mission of the advancement of research through international exchange of ideas -2015

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