About Mess

The mess in our hall of residence VI, one of the best mess in IITK community. It is being run by a private contractor. Mess Secretary is elected by general election among the residents of hall to overall looking into mess related matters. Mess Secretary forms a committee of 6-10 members called as Mess Committee for proper functioning and day to day activities of the mess. HEC sends its recommendation about the contractor to the COW on the basis of which new contract is decided. Mess committee is also empowered to impose a monetary penalty in case of unsatisfactory performance by the contractor.

Special Dinner   

                         Special Dinner                                                    Mess Workers

The menu of the items is prepared by mess committee. This menu is revised periodically with feedback from residents. Along with the vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food items like chicken, mutton, fish on alternate days is served at extra charge. For people who are suffering from any health disorders, sick diet is served to them on request. Extra items can also be taken along with the basic items by taking extra coupons/ by entering in to a register. There is a provision for the guests/relatives for taking the food in the hall mess on either cash coupon or entering the details in hall resident account.


There are certain mess rebate rules formed at the institute level to claim it. No-dues and rebate forms are to be submitted to the clerk in the mess. Mess bill is displayed on hall web site and notice boards of mess & hall office as well every month. A monetary penalty is imposed on residents who do not deposit their mess bill within the due date of it.

Any complaint about quality and quantity of the food being served can be registered in complaint note book available with the mess clerk. Mess secretary or mess committee member go through this register on daily basis and supposed to take corrective action.