Computer Room

  Gh-2 of residence provides air conditioned computer room facility for its residents. It remains open on all the days from 24hr. It is located besides the hall lobby near hall office. It has five computers with Windows operating system installed on each. All computers are connected to the IITK network and also to the INTERNET through the proxy servers of IITK.
    The administration and maintenance of computer room is maintained by the Computer Room Secretary. Also she is supposed to takes care of the Gh-2 website. A complaint/suggestion register is placed in the computer room to get the feedback from the hall residents which is regularly checked by computer Room Secretary.


The following activities amount to unethical use of computer room facility:
1. Playing games on the machines.
2. Locking screen of the machines.
3. Sending junk mail / chain mails to the users.
4. Viewing / storing pornographic materials on the machines.
5. Sharing accounts/passwords with the other people.
6. Trying to capture password of the others.
7. Damaging/gaining access to the data of other users.
Minimum punishment for misuse of computer room facility by doing any of the above the said activities is suspension of access facilities for six months and an additional fine. Also, the cases will be sent to concerned authorities for necessary disciplinary action.