A metal-free clean laboratory was developed to provide optimal conditions for the separation and purification of isotopes for mass spectrometry. The laboratory consists of three isolated rooms. Some of the major equipment in our lab includes AgilentĀ® 8900 Triple Quad ICP-MS from, Water Isotope Analyzer (LGR), Continuous Flow Auto Analyzer from SEAL Analytical, UV/VIS Spectrophotometer from AgilentĀ®, and High-Pressure Asher (HPA-S) from Anton Paar. We have state-of-the-art HEPA-filtered air ductless chemical work station (600 series) from AirClean System, acid evaporation system from Analab, polypropylene laminar flow fume hoods from NUAIRE and Nano Clean, sub-boiling distillation devices from PicoTrace (Cupola Distillation) and Savilex for purification of acids, and high precision balances from Mettler Toledo.