Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) 2010

Policy Statement

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  1. Frequently asked questions

    • How will I get the admit card?
      The admit card shall be sent to you by the zonal GATE office (the GATE office corresponding to your first choice of examination city) in Jan 2010 by regular postal mail. For any enquiry related to this, candidates are advised to contact the zonal office with their APPLICATION NUMBER (and not the REFERENCE NUMBER).
    • How do I load/update my signatures/photograph?
      At this point, you can not upload your signatures/photographs. Please contact the zonal GATE office for any such corrections between December second week and fourth week..
    • I filled my form and completed the form. I have made some errors. What do I do?
      No more changes are possible now. In case of a problem you should contact your zonal GATE office during the second and last week of December for furhter action.
    • I filled my form and successfully paid the application fee through online payment gateway (once or several times). However this is not showing in the application status. What do I do?
      Sometimes in rare cases due to the failures at the payment gateway, we are unable to get the payment information in right time. If your payment is made successfully, we will be doing a manual reconciling of payments and shall credit to your application. You will be able to see this correctly on the application status within one week. You are still advised to contact us through email to If you have done multiple successful payments for a single reference number, all but one payment will be refunded to you through your card after the payments are reconciled manually. If you made multiple successful payments to different reference numbers, they will be treated as duplicate applications. All such duplicate applications shall be rejected and only one application shall be accepted but NO REFUND of the application fee will be made.
    • My photograph and signature as I loaded on the site are not appearing right. What can I do?
      No more changes are possible now. The data has been transfered to the zonal GATE office and you should contact them after the second week of December 2010.
  2. Candidates must take a print of the information as it is submitted to the web site. They must also download the information brochure and print if necessary for future reference.