Constitution of the Faculty Forum

(As approved on September 12, 1985)

  1. Objectives
    1.1   To promote freedom of thought, expression and action.
    1.2   To help foster environment, conducive to higher academic and professional standards.
    1.3   To ensure wide faculty participation in the formulation and implementation of educational policies of the institute.
    1.4   To work towards the achievement of an atmosphere conducive to the excellence at the national level by keeping in touch with other academic institutions and professional bodies outside the institute.
    1.5   To take steps towards amendment and liberalization of service rules with the aim to bring them in consonance with the spirit of an academic institution of national importance and in keeping with the national aspirations.
    1.6   To evolve ways and means for the redressal of faculty grievances concerned with vital matters of policy and administration in the institute.
    1.7   To work towards maintaining an academic atmosphere in the life of the campus by keeping in touch with various communities.
    1.8   To promote faculty welfare.
  2. Membership
    2.1   All members of the faculty (professor, associate professor, assistant professor and lecturer) including the visiting faculty of the institute are, by virtue of their positions, members of the Faculty Forum.
    2.2   Special membership may be offered to other academicians by the General Body on the recommendations of the Executive Committee.
    2.3   There shall be a nominal monthly contribution payable by the members to meet the expenses of the Faculty Forum.
  3. Executive Committee
    3.1   There shall be an Executive Committee, constituting of elected/co-opted representatives of the Faculty Forum, who will be responsible for pursuing the objectives and carrying out specific decisions of the Faculty Forum.
    3.2   The Executive Committee shall consist of the following elected office bearers:
    • A Treasurer
    • Five Members
            These elected representatives may co-opt upto two additional members in the Executive Committee.
    3.3   The term of each Executive Committee shall normally be for one year from January to January; the exact dates being determined by the provisions of clause 4.6. The Executive Committee shall prepare an Annual Report based on its activities during the term.
    3.4   It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to ask for the nominations and to hold the elections for the office bearers. Normally elections shall be held in January every year.
    3.5   The Convener shall convene and preside over the meetings of the Executive Committee, and shall be responsible for initiating the necessary follow up actions.
    3.6   The Treasurer shall be responsible for collection of the contribution of the members through the Accounts Section of the Institute. He shall also maintain the accounts of the expenditure and prepare an Annual Statement of Accounts.
  4. General Body Meetings (GBMs)
    4.1   All members of the Faculty Forum shall meet from time to time to discuss issues related to the objectives. Such meetings will be termed General Body Meetings (GBMs)
    4.2   The Executive Committee shall normally plan the GBMs and prepare the agenda on its own. However, if a written requisition is submitted by at least twenty members for a GBM to discuss specific issues, the Executive Committee shall plan a GBM with an appropriate agenda within five (5) days of the receipt of such a request.
    4.3   All GBMs shall be convened and conducted by the Convener.
    4.4   The call for a GBM shall normally be given at least three days prior to the proposed meeting. However, a special GBM can be called at a short notice if the Executive Committee decides that the issues involved demand special attention.
    4.5   There shall be no requirement of quorum for GBMs. However, a minimum number of forty (40) members must be present whenever there is a call for division on a specific issue. If the decision in a particular issue cannot be taken because of inadequate number of members present (i.e. less than 40), the Executive Committee may consider seeking the opinion of the Faculty Forum through a referendum.
    4.6   There shall be a GBM held every year in the second/third week of the January with the specific purpose as detailed below:
        (a) To consider the Annual Report on the activities and the Annual Statements of the Accounts.
        (b) To introduce the newly elected office bearers, who shall take over charge from existing Executive Committee.
  5. Other Procedural Matters
    5.1   In case the Convener is unable to discharge his/her duties for any length of time due to unavoidable reasons, he/she shall nominate a member of the Executive Committee to act as Convener during such period, with the proviso that if due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the Convener is unable to do so, the Executive Committee shall choose one of its own member to act as the Convener.
    5.2   Resignations, if any, from members of Executive Committee shall be considered in a GBM. In case of any vacancy arising during the term, Faculty Forum shall decide in a GBM as to what action to be taken in that regard.
    5.3   Amendment of the Constitution or any part there of shall be voted through a referendum and shall require no less than two thirds of the majority of all members voting on such an amendment.

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