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The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur created a new Department of Earth Sciences on February 5, 2014. Earth Science is a strongly interdisciplinary subject with several links to important resources such as minerals, energy, and water as well as to hazards and environmental management. Over the years, this discipline has developed into a major knowledge domain of science and technology due to the advent of modern space observation systems, new exploration technologies for probing earth’s surface and sub-surface for resources and the development of sophisticated geochemical analytical methods. In addition, several important issues such as climate change, natural hazards, environmental degradation and resource depletion have made this science highly relevant to the society.

The Department of Earth Sciences at IIT Kanpur would focus on the study of the Earth, encompassing its evolution and internal dynamics, its surface processes, emphasizing natural and human-induced transformations of the terrestrial environment vis-a-vis sustainable development, given the biggest problem we face in terms of rapidly increasing population. Apart from a modern teaching programme, students will be trained for high quality research that will allow thorough examination of issues related to the Earth Sciences, such as those concerned with natural resources (identification and exploration techniques) and their use to society, solid earth geology, Quaternary geology and the understanding and mitigation of natural hazards. It would thus provide a sound, topical background in various aspects of Earth Sciences, which will form the foundation for further study and for a wide range of employment opportunities in the mineral, energy, water, environmental and space sectors.vironmental and space sectors.

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“The understanding of the complex processes driving the planet Earth is crucial for the survival of the mankind and is therefore of huge societal relevance. I wish that this new Department of Earth Sciences at IIT Kanpur will orient itself towards solving the complexities of the nature and will take up teaching and research to help the nation and the society. The Institute stands committed to support this newly born Department in all possible ways.”
M. Anandakrishnan
Chairman, Board of Governors
IIT Kanpur

"The creation of the Department of Earth Sciences at IIT Kanpur is a response to the national need for creating a vibrant, quantitative and interdisciplinary programme in Earth Sciences. I wish that this department emerges as one of the visionary science and technology initiative for the 21st century. The Institute is committed to provide all possible support to the department for its growth and development in coming years.”
Indranil Manna
IIT Kanpur

“I am extremely pleased to learn that IIT Kanpur has set up a new Department of Earth Sciences. Given that Earth Science has strong links to resources, hazards and environmental management which in turn have significant bearing to the society, this new department at IIT Kanpur will go a long way to establish quality education and research in Earth Sciences in India. I wish all success to this endeavour.”
Shailesh Nayak
Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES)