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English Proficiency Programme

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ToEFL Result (declared on 11 Feb, 2018).
SLATE Result (declared on 11 Feb, 2018).


    Call: 0512-259-6695 / 7117.
    Email: epp@iitk.ac.in / epp.iitkanpur@gmail.com

Be a partner

If you are working in an academic institution, then you are in an ideal position to partner EPP from your position and accomplish a lot with a marginal effort. When you become a partner, you essentially become the representative of a partner institution, through an authorisation from your Institution Head for this purpose, for EPP; and interact with EPP on behalf of your institution for its students and teachers.

Your role as a partner is defined and explained fully in the context of
                        partner institution.
Also visit the "Join the course" link above to get a complete picture.

Just like partner institutions, the concept of partner organizations can also be evolved and a person working in industry or a research lab may operate in a similar role as partner organization representative, though their real strength and potential to contribute lie in funding the programme.

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- Bhaskar Dasgupta