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Course on Practical Approach to Networking
Organized by BSNL IITK Telecom Center of Excellence & Department of Electrical Engineering IITK
12th - 15th  April, 2012
Recent years have witnessed revolutionary advances in the speed and scope of packet data based computer communication networks. Modern high speed computer networks have radically impacted the fields of information technology, e-commerce, telecommunications and have spread beyond the paradigm of terrestrial networks into satellite networking, peer-to-peer networking, wireless sensor networks and 4G wireless mobile networks. With the advent of VOIP technologies such as skype, LTE and WiMAX, packet data communication has been solidly established to dominate the next generation of telecommunications. In this context, this short course is intended to rigorously expose practicing engineers, academicians and students to the fast evolving field of high speed computer communication networks. Beginning with an overview of the fundamentals of computer networking, it will exhaustively cover the theory of modern routing, web-services, IPv6 and wireless networks. A comprehensive understanding of computer networking requires a thorough grasp of theoretical concepts supplemented with practical experience in configuration and testing of network components such as end devices, switches and routers. This course is designed to provide participants with hands on networking experience on the recently built state of the art BSNL IITK Telecom Center of Excellence (BITCOE) network testbed with vast capabilities for configuration and testing of VLANs, RIP/ OSPF and others. This combination of conceptual exposure coupled with hands on networking experience provides a unique platform for a consummate grasp of the theory and practice of modern data networks.

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Course Dates: 12th - 15th   April,2012