; Short Course on Cellular Technologies: 3G and Beyond

Short Course on Cellular Technologies: 3G and Beyond

Wireless telecommunications is a key technology sector with tremendous opportunities for growth and development in India and around the world. Recent years have seen an explosion in terms of the available wireless technologies such as mobile cellular networks for voice and packet data, wireless local area networks, Bluetooth and so on. Yet, the wireless revolution is very nascent and the 21st century is going to see a tremendous diversification of wireless applications in 3G and 4G cellular networks such as rich multimedia integrated voice-video communication, video conferencing based interactive services, multiuser gaming and strategic surveillance for defense. While the potential benefits of such technologies are promising, there are numerous challenges in the design and implementation of such wireless systems. The aim of this course is to introduce practicing engineers, teachers and students to the various aspects of cutting edge wireless communication technologies.

The course will be divided into five modules. In the first and second modules the attendees will be exposed to the theory of digital communications and the fundamentals of wireless respectively. In the third module, wireless technologies such as CDMA and OFDM will be discussed. The key fourth module will deal with an in-depth introduction to several existing wireless technologies such as GSM-EDGE (2G), UMTS (3G) and upcoming ones such as LTE (3.5G), LTE-A (4G). The fifth module will consist of practical demonstration of MATLAB based simulation models of communication systems and their performance evaluation.

Target Audience

Practicing wireless system engineers, teachers of government and private engineering colleges,

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