M Tech Thesis - 1993

Author(s) Title Supervisor(s)
T Ramesh Chandra On DC constrained codes for biver optic application Dr. P. K. Chatterjee
S Ravi Babu A comparative evaluation of T800 transistor and ADSP 2100 DSP for use in surveillance and signal processing Dr. M. U. Siddiqui
Narayan Mritunjan K Assesment of PSS and SVS stabilizer for large disturbances Dr. S. S. Prabhu and Dr. R. K. Verma
N Madhava Reddy Application of continuous phase modulation techniques in coherent subcarrier multiplexing Dr. P. K. Chatterjee and Dr. P. Sirkar
Biswal Krutibas Spectral methods for PLA decomposition and fault detection Dr. M. M. Hasan
Apu Sivadas Analysis of probe FED waveguide slot Dr. M. Sachidanada
K Chandra P Reddy Protection coordination in electrical distribution network Dr. S. C. Srivastava and Dr. P. K. Kalra
Sah VK Inductive reasoning based selection of power system stabilizer Dr. P. K. Kalra and Dr. S. C. Srivastava
GSN Raju New LCL resonant converter with PWM control Dr. S. R. Doradla
Gupta Alok Representation and identification of alphanumeric characters using Galois transform Dr. M. U. Siddiqui
Kotaiah T Software package for discrete event simulation Dr. A. K. Raina and Dr. A. Mahanta
Natu Mahesh S Study of low frequency noise and avaloache degradation in bipolar transistors Dr. R. Sharan and Dr. Y. N. Mohapatra
Singh VA Design of 2-D adaptive volterra filter for image processing Dr. Sumana Gupta
Biswas PL Assymetrically thyristor controlled reactor for static VAR system Dr. S. Sachidananda and Dr. R.K. Verma
TSM Jagannadh Implementation of point to point protocol (PPD) for the IP router Dr. K. R, Srivathsan
K Navaneetha Krishnan Architecture of a VLIW linear array and its performance evaluation Dr. A. Mahanta
Santosh Kumar Power system equivalent for transient study Dr. S. Sachidanada and Dr. S Gupta
Farid Mohammad Analysis of ECG signal using wavelet transform Dr. P. Sirkar
Dutta Mukesh K Fourth-order cumulant based methods for parameter estimation of complex expoential signals Dr. P. Sirkar
Barari Tirthankar Implementation of MS-DOS based SNMP manager Dr. K. R. Srivathsan
Tyagi Rajeev K Analysis of two layer electromagentically coupled rectangular microstrip antenna using moment methods Dr. M. Sachidanada
Sharma RK A class of systdic arrays using DSP Dr. A. Mahanta
Mohanjeet Singh Syali Complex AM Signal model for nonstationary signals Dr. P. Sirkar
Srivastava YK Implementation of an internet router with AT 386 Dr. K. R. Srivathsan
Pati Prakash K Signal analysis with best basis wavelet pockets Dr. Sumana Gupta
Mishra Barada S Study of AC regulator and static VAR compensators realized for AC-AC matrix converter Dr. G. K. Dubey
Kaja Suresh Simulation study on interactive and file traffic between LANs connected by a serial link Dr. K. R. Srivathsan
Bairathi Rakesh Study of AC-DC converter fed battery charging circuits Dr. S. R. Doradla
Shivanand Baad PWM single phase 2 stage converters for traction Dr. G. K. Dubey
Karthikeyan S Read time direction of arrival estimation Dr. A. K. Raina
Tiwari SS Fault modelling and testing of CMOS and BICMOS circuits Dr. M. M. Hasan
Sita Ram Parallel implementation of feature extraction algorithms using transporter network Dr. A. Mahanta
Sawhney Rajiv Investigation of lightening strikes Dr. R. Arora
Sharma NK Study of stabilizing controls in multimachine power system Dr. R. K. Verma and Dr.S. Sachidanada
Patil Miliand M Variable rate vector quantization scheme for image data compression Dr. M. U. Siddiqui
Rao Madhav N Novel approach to minimum time path planning of robot manipulators Dr. S. S. Prabhu
Gupta Shyam S Investigation of insulating properties of low vacuum in weakly nonuniform fields for AC power frequency and switching impulse voltages Dr. R. Arora
Khurana Sandeep Connectionist architecture for continuous speech recognition Dr. G. C. Ray
S Hariharan A quasi 2 dimensional approach to modelling of short channel MOSFETs Dr. A. K. Dutta
Ravi Chandran K Design and implementation of a 140 Mbps m BIC coder decoder and a bit synchoniser Dr. P. K. Chatterjee and Dr. A. Dutta
Akhilesh Jain Studies on dielectric resonator and design of a bandpass filter in MIC environment Dr. A . Biswas