Students' Hostels  

IIT Kanpur is a residential Institute, which requires that all registered students be residents. This commits the Institute to maintaining an adequate number of halls, and operating them in a manner reflecting the objectives and values of its educational programme.

Each of the boys' Halls have three wardens and the girls' Hall has two wardens. The senior-most warden of the Hall is normally appointed as warden-in-charge. Residents are required to cooperate with the Warden(s) in the running of the Hall. They must respect his/her authority in the execution of operational details - room allocation, fixing of schedules for payments, assessment of loss or damage to property assignment of duties to Hall Staff etc.

They must abide by the norms of conduct and discipline applicable in the Institute and follow any regulations specifically laid down regarding conduct in the Hall. For infraction of discipline the Warden is the immediate concerned authority. His/her responsibility in all such matters is to the Director, and not to civil authorities outside the Institute.

At the time of a student's admission to the Hall of Residence, his/her parent/guardian may appoint, in writing, a local guardian who is authorised to act on his/her behalf. The list of all local guardians shall be kept in the appropriate offices of the Institute.

The Institute has Eight Halls of Residence including one for Girls.