Student Gymkhana  

The Students Gymkhana, is the centre of all inter hostel and intercollege activites that the students of IITK engage in. The activities of the Student Gymkhana can be divided into Cultural, Science & Technology, Films and Games..... The President, heads the student body, followed by general secretaries for the subdivisions. A number of secretaries head the various smaller departments.

The following are the elected members for the year 2012-13.

Contact number
Email id
Abhay Jain President, Students' Gymkhana (91)-9997044605,

Yuvraj Dhillon General Secretary, Games and Sports Council (91)-512-259-7013,

Subhojit Ghosh General Secretary, Science and Technology Council (91)-9005899788,

Yashovardhan Bhagat General Secretary, Films and Media Council (91)-512-679-4296,

Sonal Kumari General Secretary, Cultural Council (91)-512-259-7018,

Ankit Bhutani Convener, Students' Senate (91)-512-259-4808,

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