As undergraduate students spend their formative years at the Institute, they need to undertake an important process of self-discovery of their dreams and capabilities, and appreciate education in its true spirit. Undergraduate students entering the Institute have a spectrum of personalities, skills, preparation, depths of commitment to the tasks at hand, and motivation levels. As a consequence, they may not be equally motivated in all the courses that they take at the Institute, and often may not see the relevance of all courses.

Undergraduate research is a pedagogical tool that helps channelize the energy and enthusiasm of students into conceptual-based education, thereby igniting their minds to explore with curiosity the world around them. It can help students to

(a)Â bridge the gap between class-room education and real world challenges, and learning the relevance of the curriculum that they undergo at the Institute, and
(b) internalize and take ownership of the process of learning and education.

Thus, undergraduate research is seen as a vehicle to bring about a change in the approach of addressing the holistic development of undergraduate students at this Institute. It offers valuable experiences and benefits to all sections of the academic environment - students, mentors as well as the Institute.