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Advertisement Number: P.Rect./R&D/2022/080

Applications are invited for the post of Project Post-Doctoral Fellow (1 position) to work under a sponsored project entitled, “Pollution monitoring, Emissions control, and Remediation methods to safeguard Irrigation Schemes using treated wastewater in a Changing climate fOrPEri-urban agriculture – PERISCOPE”. The post is purely temporary on contractual basis.

Project Description and Nature of Work: 

Wastewater re-use for irrigation is a criticalclimate adaptation measure in areas wherethere is increasing stress on freshwater suppliesfor drinking. In India, Kanpur city, situated on the banks ofriver Ganges, is an industrial town famous fortanneries and leather products. The seweragefrom the households and the tannery effluentgoes into an effluent treatment plant (ETP). The ETP facility discharges treated effluent intoan irrigation channel that feeds the agriculturalfields in nearby villages. This kind of wastewaterreuse for irrigation is a critical climate adaptationmeasure. However, the farmers have reportedlow yields, health, and odor problems related tosustained use of this irrigation water.

This project aims to facilitate downstream wastewater usage by addressingthe issue of monitoring, control and remediationof legacy pollution. Capacity building will focuson sampling protocols and soil/(ground)watercharacterization, laboratory testing to select sitespecific remediation technologies for contaminated soil and (ground)water and use of sensors tomonitor the quality of surface and ground water.

This project work involves extensive field sampling and coordination with various stakeholders, conducting bench- and pilot-scale experiments, andhandling of the sophisticated analytical instruments.The applicant will be responsible for leading the research and coordinating with research and technical staff and end-user, reporting and quality measurements, and handling of large data sets evolved during such monitoring and analysis.

Essential Qualification: Ph.D. in Environmental or Civil or Chemical Engineering or related field.

Desirable Experience: Experience on working with wastewater and contaminated soils and handling of sophisticated analytical instruments (UV-Vis spectrophotometer, IC, ICP-MS, IC-ICPMS, Microwave Digestor, TOC Analyzer).

Duration: One year (extendable depending upon satisfactory performance or availability of funds) or till the end of the project, whichever is earlier.

Salary RangeRs. 50,000 (consolidated per month)

How to Apply: Interested applicants should fill the google form, link of which is provided below latest by March 29, 2022.
Timing: Last date is 10 am on 29th Mar 2022,Application received through e-mail will not be entertained. Applicants shortlisted for the interview will only be informed by email.

Google Form Link:

(the link has a feature where candidates will upload two pdf files: (i) CV and (ii) a cover letter where the candidate describes in not more than 300 words why she/ he is suitable for this position).

Dr. Abhas Singh
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
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