LabRam HR 800 Raman Spectrometer


This spectrometer is suitable for both micro and macro measurements, and offers advanced confocal Raman imaging capabilities in 2D and 3D. Spectrally, the high resolution spectrometer allows subtle sample information such as crystallinity, polymorphism, strain and other band analysis. This combines simple access to very low frequencies down to 10cm-1 with a high throughput single stage spectrometer, using the ultra-low frequency module (ULF). The new generation of notch and bandpass filters allows additional sample characterization to be made in a spectral region rarely available with other basic spectrometers. The spectrometer is also equipped with mapping capabilities.


Laboratory for Spectroscopy at Extreme Conditions (ACMS 107)


Prof. Rajeev Gupta

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User Charges (per sample)

Rs. 750 (for internal users)
Rs. 1000 (for outside IITK users)
(Sevice tax is applicable for outside IITK users)