Frequently Asked Question - Purchase Cell

(Frequently asked different types of questions by PI/Indenter for processing the direct payments / reimbursements and also regarding purchase procedure for procurement of goods or services from government funded research projects, PDA/DPA/LDA and from non-government funded projects)


Sl.No. Questions Reg. Answers ( Please see following link )
1 Purchase manual
2 Condemnation norms for PDA
3 Guidelines for LDA
4 Office order reg. splitting purchase
5 Forms : R D purchase
6 Purchase Proposal for Non-GeM & its Comparative cum committee report (GFR-17 Rule 155)
7 GFR-2017 ( Chapter 6 )
8 DFPR-2018
9 Norms for non-govt. research grant
10 Condemnation form GFR-10 upto Rs.2 lac
11 Condemnation form GFR-10 above Rs.2 lac
12 Shipment/Delivery terms for Import Purchase Orders
13 GST Registration number of DoRD Office