Technical Themes

Invited Talk

Panel Discussion



Advisory Committee
DoRD (Chair)
ADRD (Convener)
Prof. Vinod Singh
Prof. S.C. Srivastava

Organizing Committee
Prof. Jitendra Bera
Prof. Yogesh Chauhan
Prof. Shilpi Gupta
Prof. Nitin Saxena (Chair)

IITK Research Challenges Symposium (REACH) 2020

27-29 March 2020

Hotel Ramada, Lucknow



Theme: Electronics Systems and Materials
(4 x 20min Talks, followed by 45 mins Rump Session)

Prof. Ketan Rajawat(Lead Speaker)
(Electrical Engineering)
Talk Title: Optimization at the edge: realizing large-scale collaborative systems


Prof. Amit K Agarwal
Talk Title: Electronic properties of materials: implications for fundamental physics, plasmonics and electronics


Prof. Rohit Budhiraja
(Electrical Engineering)
Talk Title: 5G Testbed Design at IITK


Prof. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava
(Electrical Engineering)
Talk Title: Applications of Metamaterials in Stealth Technology