Acquisition of Equipment under CARE for 2000-2005



Faculty Members

PCR Thermocycler

Professor G Ramanathan

Scanning Probe and Atomic Force Microscope

Professor Ashutosh Sharma

Multipurpose thin film deposition unit based on electron beam evaporation

Professor Monica Katiyar

Rheological Characterization of Complex non-Newton Materials. Rheometer with constant temperature bath

Professor R P Chhabra

Auto Sampler for 400 MHz. High resolution NMR machine

Professor Y D Vankar

Power Supply for Varian 15” electro-magnet.

Professor A K Majumdar

Enhancement of the Cyclic Testing Facility at the Structural Engineering Laboratory

Professor C V R Murty

List of Projects 2001-02


Faculty Members

Virtually-Instrumented Polymerization reactor with on-line optimal control facility.

Professor S K Gupta

Pico-second optimal source.

Professor Utpal Das

Optical measurement facility for advanced flow and heat transfer applications.

Professor P. K. Panigrahi

Preparation, Processing and Characterisation Of Nano-particles

Professor D C Agarwal

List of Projects 2002-03


Faculty Members

Modernization of Raman System and Removal of Obsolete Data Acquisition System.

Professor Asima Pradhan

Electro-chemical Impedance Measurement System.

Professor R Balasubramanium

Procurement of Thermal analyzer equipped with Thermal-Gravimetric Analyzer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter and Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer for the Thermal Laboratory in ACMS Build (203-B)

Professor Kamal Kar

NOX and THC Emission measure-ment system for Internal Combustion engines.

Professor A Agarwal

X Ray diffraction System

Professor R K Ray

A Thin Film and Multi-layer Preparation Unit using DC Magnetron Sputtering.

Professor K P Rajeev

List of Projects 2003-04


Faculty Members

3-D Surface Profilometer to Characterize Material Surfaces

Professor B. Basu

HPTLC System

Professor Sauymen Guha

Drill Core Scanner for Magnetic Susceptibility & Natural Gamma Ray Measurements

Professor Rajiv Sinha

Coincidence Doppler Positron Annihilation Radiation System

Professor H. C. Verma

Laser Scatting Particile Size Analyzer

Professors D. P. Misra, A. Kushari

Closed Cycle Refrigeration System

Professor T. Chakraborty

Particle Size Analyzer

Professors B. K. Misra, S. Sangal, S. Bhargava

Optical Spectrum Analyser

Professor S. Sivaprakasam

List of Projects 2004-05


Faculty Members

Stereoscopic PIV System for Flow Diagnostics in Aeronautical & Non-Aeronautical applications

Professor K. Poddar

Ultrahigh Vacuum Molecular Beam Deposition System for Organic Thin Films

Professor K. Poddar

Upgradation of the Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM) facility at the Magnetic Laboratory, ACMS

Professor K. Poddar