Books Authored by Alumni

Book Title : Stuck in the Middle? Let's break the middle class dilemma!

Written By : Mr. Praveen K. Tiwari (BT/EE/2005)

Description :This book provides insights into the mindsets of middle-class people. The book is an attempt to understand their dilemmas, how they can break free of these mindsets and unleash their true potential.

Book Title : FACTORY ANALYTICS: A door opener to make factories profitable

Written By : Prof. Tapan P. Bagchi (BT/ME/1967)

Description :The book throws light on how efficiency and effectiveness relate to the concept of value. Analytics, as illustrated here with actual cases, will allow making of high quality decisions at the operational level in factories, warehouses, supply chains, hospitals and service facilities a routine.


Book Title : Deep Learning with Applications Using Python

Written By : Mr. Navin K. Manaswi (MSc5/PHY/2005)

Description :This book covers intermediate and advanced levels of deep learning, including convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, and multilayer perceptrons. This book helps you to ramp up your practical know-how in a short period of time and focuses you on the domain, models, and algorithms required for deep learning applications. Deep Learning with Applications Using Python covers topics such as chatbots, natural language processing, and face and object recognition.


Book Title : Autobiography by Anil K. Rajvanshi

Written By : Dr. Anil K. Rajvanshi (BT/MT/ME/1972/1974)

Description : This is an autobiography of Anil K Rajvanshi. Dr. Rajvanshi is a graduate of IIT Kanpur and a US trained engineer who left a lucrative career in US in early 1980s to come back and work in rural Maharashtra. He and his wife Dr. Nandini Nimbkar run a small NGO called Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institute, which works in the areas of agriculture, renewable energy, animal husbandry, and rural and sustainable development. He firmly believes that technologies for rural areas should be developed by the use of high technology. Besides his technology work, he also writes regularly on issues of spirituality and technology and believes that the mantra of India’s development should be “Spirituality with High Technology”.


Book Title : The Fresh Brew: Chronicles of Business and Freedom

Written By : Amit Haralalka & Amitabh Thakur (BT/ME/1989)

Description : This book is a collection of inspiring life stories of twenty-five IIM Lucknow alumni who quit their jobs and took unconventional routes to live their dreams. It gives insights into their entrepreneurial journeys with all ups and downs and the subtle dilemmas that they negotiated both at personal and professional level. The Foreword has been written by Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.


Book Title : Doing Business in 21st Century India: How to Profit Today in Tomorrow’s Most Exciting Market

Written By : Mr. Gunjan Bagla (BT/ME/1978)

Description : This book highlights India’s most promising financial and business opportunities and offers deep insights into legal and cultural dynamics. It contains interviews of top regional experts and veteran professionals. It is a perfect guide to help establish or expand business successfully in India.


Book Title : Bayesian Approach to Image Interpretation

Written By : Sunil Kopparapu, Uday B. Desai (BT/EE/1974)

Description : The book is highly useful for those working in the area of image interpretation. It is complete in itself and includes background material. Therefore, it can be used by a novice as well as an expert. Bayesian Approach to Image Interpretation can also be used as a textbook for a semester course in computer vision or pattern recognition.


Book Title : Multifractal Based Network Traffic Modeling

Written By : Murali Krishna, Vikram Gadre, Uday B. Desai (BT/EE/1974)

Description : The book provides an overview of existing broadband traffic modeling based on the Poisson process and its variants like the MM1 models. It also provides very good coverage of models based on self-similar processes. Throughout the book, the authors have focused on the problem of broadband traffic modeling keeping in mind long range dependencies in broadband traffic.


Book Title : Multihop Mobile Wireless Networks

Written By : Kannan Govindan, Deepthi Chander, Bhushan Jagyasi, Shabbir Merchant, Uday B. Desai (BT/EE/1974)

Description : Multihop Cellular Networks, Multihop Sensor Networks and Multihop Cellular Sensor Networks are fast-emerging, utilitarian multihop mobile networking paradigms that promise increased transmission rates and network capacity. Multihop Mobile Wireless Networks discusses issues pertaining to each of these networks and proposes novel and innovative algorithms on Scheduling, Routing and Data aggregation that are viable solutions for multihop mobile networks. Moreover, the book provides the preliminaries and an excellent review on existing approaches in wireless communications.


Book Title : Water, Ecosystems and Society: A Confluence of Disciplines

Written By : Prof. Jayanta Bandyopadhyay (MT/PhD/MME/1968/1976)

Description : This book is an excellent guide to interdisciplinary knowledge on water. It discusses the ecological and socio-economic dimensions of water, inclusion of which in sustainable and integrated water systems management has become essential the world over. It is path-breaking in terms of its conceptualization since water management in India has traditionally been associated with the domain of engineering which tries to increase the quantity of water, to cater to increasing needs of human settlements and demands from irrigation and industry. It will be a compelling read for academicians and students working in the fields of geography and environment science, development economics, environmental sociology, ecology, integrated water management, and so on.


Book Title : Information Theory, Coding and Cryptography

Written By : Prof. Ranjan Bose (BT/EE/1992)

Description : This revised edition of the text offers refreshed pedagogy and new chapters on Space Time Codes, and Physical Layer Security thereby increasing the scope of study for the communications engineers. This book serves as a standard textbook in many IITs and NITs, apart from several engineering colleges across the country.


Book Title : The Causeless Cause

Written By : Mrs. Uttara Nerurkar (BT/CHE/1986)

Description : This revised edition of the text offers refreshed pedagogy and new chapters on Space Time Codes, and Physical Layer Security thereby increasing the scope of study for the communications engineers. This book serves as a standard textbook in many IITs and NITs, apart from several engineering colleges across the country.


Book Title : Two Sisters and Other Short Stories

Written By : Dr. Shyamal K. Banerjee (MT/ME/1971)

Description : Every incident in our daily life carries a story. Sometimes they are tragic and in some occasions they are hilarious. But the incidents carry some messages, which help one to face the practical life. The old proverbial statement “Life is a tale told by an idiot” will remain true throughout the ages. But idiocy in our daily life has to be kept under control to derive maximum from our beautiful life. Tagore said, “I do not want to die in this beautiful world (Morite Chahina Aami Ei Sundar Bhuboane)”.


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