Prof. Arakare Vasudev Fellowship

Dr. D. S. Hur instituted Prof. Arakare Vasudev Fellowship. He is the former Chairman and CEO of GS Caltex (South Korea). He received his master's in chemical engineering from the American College in 1968, and his doctorate from the same college in 1971. He joined GS Caltex in 1973 and was instrumental in reaching the company to great heights. Under Dr. Hur's leadership in the 1990s, GS Caltex began to explore alternative energy technologies, and in the early 2000s, it launched two subsidiaries to advance eco-friendly materials and systems.

Dr. Hur has vast range of experience in production, demand and supply and planning. During the adverse time of 2nd oil crisis, Dr. Hur played a pivotal role in making Caltex the first Korean refinery to turn to toll processing and exporting by using idling refinery facilities. He has received the Manager of the year prize in 2018 Management Grand Awards from Korea Management Association.

Current Occupant

Prof. Naveen Tiwari

(Sept. 2020 - Aug. 2023)

Prof. Naveen Tiwari, Department of Chemical Engineering, specializes in the areas of Transport Phenomena, Instabilities in micro-scale free surface flows, Flow through porous media, Numerical modeling and simulation. Prof. Tiwari earned his doctorate from the University of Massachusetts, USA in 2008.