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IITK Motorsports Team
IITK Motorsports Team

The automotive chapter of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), IITK Motorsports is designing and fabricating a Formula prototype racecar to compete in Formula-Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) competitions across the globe.

Who are we?

We are a group of motorsports enthusiasts at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur from across the departments who have taken up the challenge of giving classroom theories and principles form in practice by building something that represents the purest of engineering practices: A formula type racecar. Starting the journey in 2013 and bagging the position of being the Second Best Indian team overall in Formula SAE Italy , winning the award for the Best Incoming Team in BAJA-SAE India 2015, and designing India’s Lightest car in Formula Student India 2016, we have constantly innovated, surpassed expectations and  brought laurels to the institute.

What is Formula SAE?

SAE International, founded in 1905, is a global association of more than 1,38,000 engineers and related technical experts dedicated to advancing mobility technology for use in everyday life.Formula SAE is an international student design competition sponsored by the the association. The program simulates real-world engineering design projects and related challenges with the goal of developing and building a small Formula-style racecar. Teams from countries around the world compete in static and dynamic events.

The Prototype Race Car is also evaluated for its potential as a production item. The target marketing group for the race car is the non-professional weekend autocross racer.

Each student team designs, builds and tests a prototype based on a series of rules, whose purpose is both ensuring on-track safety and promoting clever problem solving.

Why am I crowdfunding?

Building a full-scale racecar is an excruciatingly difficult task, financially, technically and logistically. Our aim is to challenge and compete with the best teams in the world and at the same time bring new innovations in the sector. Achieving this not only requires superior design, but also impeccable manufacturing practices, competitive parts and above all, experience. Being a completely student run team, we constantly face a crunch of resources, both in terms of funds and technological know-how. To manufacture a car that truly represents our capabilities and can succeed at the international stage, we need your help! We look forward to your generous contribution in setting up a holistic environment for the club and building a long-lasting relationship with the team.

Why should you believe in me?

Yes, even in these tough economic times, I am urging companies and individuals to support SAE international’s CDS program. I do this because the payoff is incalculable. It is imperative to develop tomorrow’s engineers; this remains ever present. The benefits are the ones that all of mobility engineering will reap”

       David L. Schutt

SAE Chief Executive Officer

For us, motorsports means a zeal and a passion, a desire to experience and achieve something beyond our wildest imaginations. Our cars are our life, and the team our family. To turn these dreams into reality, we spend much of our time, energy and money on this project. But, due to the considerable monetary size of the project, we seek the support of all those out there who have ever in their life adored engineering, or loved racecars. We invite you all to walk hand in hand with us and be a part of our family.

We believe in ourselves and we need you to believe in us.

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

Being a student team, the risks involved in associating with us are minimal. Due to the operational pattern of this campaign, every single penny would be returned if we are unable to meet our goals. Building a racecar implies that we would face many challenges over the course of the season. But, as we have done in the past, we will strive to and overcome these challenges.  And now with your help, we will be prepared to face any challenges the future might present us with.

What happens when I don’t raise enough money?

We are halfway through the design of our car for the 2016-17 season and would be completing it soon. We plan to start manufacturing immediately after. In case we don’t meet our goals, we’d have to compromise on our design and impose restrictions on the innovations and design features that we have planned to implement in our new car. Technically, we won’t progress to greater heights and come to a standstill, which is not what IIT Kanpur stands for.

How am I going to prove that I won’t just take all the money and run away?

What this team has given to us cannot be measured in terms of money. Hundreds of us have made sacrifices over the last 5 years to get the team to where it is at the moment, and the only path for us lies in moving forward. Our legacy, as a team and as students of IIT Kanpur as a whole, is more vital to us than anything else. Rest assured, the only place we will run away with your money will be to the podium of the competition!


IITK Motorsports Crowd Funding




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1. You’ll get a loud shout out on our dedicated Facebook Page
2. You’ll receive a Thank You letter and an awesome E-Poster mailed directly to your inbox.

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1. You’ll get an uber cool team keyrings
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3. All SPARK rewards

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1. Feel like a part of the team, you’ll receive an exclusive coffee mug
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3. We’ll send you a crazy video of our car and team, thanking you for your support
4. All IGNITION rewards

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1. IITK Motorsports Merchandise: Exclusive IITK Motorsports Official Team T-shirt.
2. We’ll give you a tour of the workshop, to see where the action takes place (travel and accommodation to be borne by the backer)
3. Invite to unveiling event of the vehicle

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1. Be a part of IITK Motorsports legacy. Get the official team T-shirt.
2. Keep up with what’s happening with the team! Get the exclusive team calendar sent directly to you
3. You’ll be featured on the wall-sized team banner displayed at the event
4. Your name will adorn the special “Angel Backers” of our Facebook page and website
5. Our driver will Perform some exclusive moves, just for you

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1. A dedicated remembrance with your name on the flag mounted on the vehicle
2. We’ll send you a premium IITK Motorsports diary just to make sure you always remember us
3. Get a chance to Test Drive the car

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1. Be a part of IITK Motorsports legacy. Get your name on the official team T-shirt
2. Your name will forever be associated with IITK Motorsports. Get your name engraved on our car
3. Be the “Guest of Honour” at the launch event of our vehicle, in the presence of distinguished professors and scholars (travel to be borne by the backer)
4. All Turbo Rewards

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Contribute any amount :$

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