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In view of the increased student’s strength due to capacity expansion, additional laboratory infrastructure for core courses in Engineering is required to be created.

As per approved master plan, an academic building was proposed on the northeast side of core lab. While planning the research complex, it was felt that after the construction of phase-I of research complex, there should be enough space left for future expansion. In view of this, it was proposed to shift the location of this academic building towards the east of core sciences lab.

The proposed construction shall have the following provision:

  1. The building shall be six storied (G+5) RCC framed structure with partial a basement.

  2. Plinth area of the building shall be 31716 sqm including a basement.

  3. The Structure shall be earthquake resistant.

    1. The building has the following:

      • At Basement-

      • Service zone

      • Parking area

      • NWTF workshop and store

    • At Ground floor-

        • Mechanical lab and supporting facilities

        • Metallurgy lab and supporting facilities

    • At First floor:

        • Auto cad Lab of capacity for 140 Students – 01 No.

        • Drawing halls of capacity for 140 Students – 02 Nos.

        • Material Science Lab- 03 Nos.

    • At Second floor: –

        • Electrical Engineering lab- 04 Nos.

        • Lecture halls of capacity for 120 Students – 02 Nos.

    • At Third floor: –

        • Centre for Lasers and Photonics – Full floor

    • At Fourth floor: –

        • Design Program

        • Miscellaneous space- 02 Nos.

    • At Fifth floor: –

        • Design Program – Full floor

    • The structure shall have four nos. lift with 16 person capacity, one no. goods lift capacity 2.5 Ton.

    • The structure shall have eight nos. staircases.

    • Fire alarm and fire fighting system with wet riser and sprinkler system shall be provided as per National building code.

    • Pressurized mechanical ventilation for Mechanical, Metallurgy and other areas.

    • The building shall have occupancy sensor system for lighting, access control, CCTV and building management system.

    • The building has 900 TR Domestic & 25 TR precision Air-conditioning requirements.

    • High side Air-conditioning shall be provided at one central location along with the other buildings.

    • All the provision of energy saving and another parameter shall be incorporated while making the detail design as per GRIHA rating 4.

    • For energy saving, the building shall have all the outer walls as cavity walls with insulation, insulated window glasses as per the requirements, over deck insulation at terrace with china mosaic, occupancy sensors for lighting, use of cement with fly ash upto the extent possible, water saving plumbing and sanitary fixtures, building mounted solar panels for corridor lighting, energy saving LED lighting fixtures. All other provision for the green building during and after the construction hall be followed.

    • The provision of the low side of air-conditioning for 900 tons inside the buildings like AHUs, ducts, chilled water pipelines, grills and diffusers etc. have been incorporated into the estimate. The chillers to supply the chilled water and its piping outside of buildings shall be carried out separately.


  • Flooring:

    • Vitrified tiles/ceramic tile flooring in rooms and offices.

    • Pre-polished granite flooring in the main entrance hall.

    • Matt finished vitrified tiles/granite flooring in corridors

    • Single piece Kota stone flooring shall be used in the fire escape staircase

    • Single piece granite stone flooring shall be used in main staircase.

    • Kota stone flooring in rest of the area of the building.

  • The vitrified floor tiles in toilets with glazed tiles in dado

  • Vacuum dewatered concrete- floor in the basement.

  • Dry stone cladding on the external face of the building.

Cost Estimation: Preliminary Estimate amounting to Rs. 177,07,71,00/- (Rupees One Hundred Seventy Seven Crores Seven Lacs Seventy One Thousand Only) including 3.24% Architect fees(2.89% fees + 12.36% Service Tax) and 3% contingencies is prepared by M/s Arcop Associates Pvt. Ltd. checked by 1WD to meet the cost of the above-mentioned work.







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