XLIII Convocation of IIT Kanpur to be held on (Saturday) May 28th, 2011 in the Auditorium

Convocation - 2011 Live Webcast

You can play the live webcast of the convocation proceedings by clicking on any of the following links. Please note that these links will be active at 2:15 PM on May 28th, 2011. These links stream data from four different servers. In case you have problem connecting through one link, please try the other link. We have hundred licenses per server and viewership is on first come first served basis.

Use following Link
External users (Internet)
Internal users (Intranet)
If you have problem using the Link

      In Real Player Software
Click the File -> Open then type any of the following URLs:

Convo-2011 rtsp://vari.iitk.ac.in:554/broadcast/live.rm

Convo-2011 rtsp://vaak.iitk.ac.in:554/broadcast/live.rm

Convo-2011 rtsp://varda.iitk.ac.in:554/broadcast/live.rm

Convo-2011 rtsp://vani.iitk.ac.in:554/broadcast/live.rm

Convo-2011 rtsp://vidya.iitk.ac.in:554/broadcast/live.rm