Admission Notice
Ph.D./M.Tech./M.Des/MS (Research) Programmes
commencing from July, 2017 (2017-18-I Semester)



The Institute may provide to postgraduate students, financial assistance in the form of teaching or research assistantships (referred to as Institute Assistantship). Assistantships are awarded on a semester to semester basis for a period of up to 24 months for M.Tech./M.S. by Research students and up to five years for Ph.D. students. The stipend for the assistantship is paid at the approved rates. A student is expected to devote up to eight hours per week towards job(s) assigned to him/her. The renewal of assistantship is contingent on the student's satisfactory performance in the academic programme and in the discharge of assistantship duties.

Some financial assistantships in the form of research assistantships may also be available from sponsored research projects. Additional assistantships in the form of scholarships, fellowships, etc. may be available through other organizations, such as, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), etc.

In addition to the students admitted with financial assistance, students may also be admitted to the M.Tech./M.S. by Research/Ph.D. programmes on a self-financing basis.

A valid GATE score or qualifying for JRF is required for awarding Institute Assistantship to M.Tech./M.S. by Research students and to Ph.D. students in engineering/design/management departments/IDPs without a M.Tech./M.S. by Research degree. This requirement is waived in the case of M.Tech. students, for those with M.B.B.S. degree and for those who are B.Tech. graduates from IITs with a minimum CPI of 8.0. In the case of Ph.D. students, this requirement is waived for those with bachelor’s degree in engineering from CFTIs. For the Ph.D. students in science/HSS departments, a valid GATE score or qualifying for JRF (NET in the case of HSS department) is required for awarding Institute Assistantship, except when the candidates have a master’s degree in science/arts from IITs with a minimum CPI of 8.0.

For M.S. by Research students who are project employees of IIT Kanpur, there is a minimum commitment of support from the project for one year. On the completion of one year, it is expected that such candidates will continue to be supported by PI (possibly through other projects, if the current project is over), or by the department (through DPA or other such projects). In case, there is no support available from PI/Department, the student can be provided assistantship from the Institute at the level of M.Tech. assistantship for at most one year, subject to the student having a valid GATE score as on the day of starting Institute assistantship. DPGC recommendation is required for switching to Institute Assistantship.












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