Design Programme


Workshops conducted by experts from the industry, academia and other disciplines from within the institute to nurture the budding students. These workshops help students to understand various design processes and their execution within a time frame.

Forthcoming Workshops

Human Computer Interaction by Mr Prabudha Agnihotri- 9th-11 March'18
Venue: Design Programme, Helicopter Building, IIT Kanpur
Co-creation workshop. Various exercises and activities to make one understands about the design and use of computer technology, focused on the interfaces between people i.e. users and computers.

Course Contents

  • How to conduct workshops with clients in lesser time to gather all required information.
  • Creating scenarios
  • Visualize the core users and experience flows
  • Creating User Journeys
  • Creating Information Architecture
  • Creating Lo-fidelity wireframes
  • How to create a Visual language for a brand

Workshop on Automotive Styling by Prof Nishant Sharma- 16th-18th March'18
Venue: Conference Hall at Design Programme, Helicopter Building, IIT Kanpur
This workshop on "Automotive Styling" would provide a unique opportunity for wider variety of domain experts who ,in future, would be directly and indirectly getting involved in development of the appearance of various types of automotive products like cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses etc. Prof. Nishant Sharma, IDC IIT Bombay will be covering the following aspects of Automotive Styling.

Course Contents

  • Styling/ Design Process: Presentation
  • Ideation: Sketching
  • Sketching: Surface treatments

Previous Workshops

Forms and Aesthetics workshop by Dr Avinash Shinde held during 9th-14th December'17
A 3 day workshop by Avinash Shinde, Assitant Professor of Design, IIT Guwahati, with emphasis on design of form, form inspiration, form development, working with various materials, rendering the product and displaying it. The workshop started with an aim of making innovative Bluetooth speakers and ended with a great exhibition of various innovative and interesting product designs.

Typography Workshop by Dr D. Udaya Kumar held during 9th-13th October'17

Typography has been one of the major components of Graphic Design. During this workshop, number of ways, by which our creativity can be visually enhanced by the use of fonts and its various attributes, were discussed and taught. Renowned "The Indian Rupee Symbol" designer, Dr. Udaya Kumar covered the following aspects of typography.

Course Contents

    • Introduction to Typography
    • Fundamentals of Typography
    • Anatomy of Type
    • Expressive Typography
    • Type Harmony
    • Basic Type Design
    • Brief History of Typography
    • Overview of Letterpress Printing

    Leather Workshop held on 3rd October'17

    Leather goods/accessories contribute to one third of the Indian leather products export. Designers and pattern makers are in good demand in the leather goods industries at India and other countries around the world. Design and making of leather goods involves many skilled operations including sketching, pattern making cutting, table operations, stitching, finishing etc. This one-day workshop tackled well and answered all aspects of the leather world, how it's made, uniqueness of the leather as a material, and tools & techniques used in the industry to make different products.

Boeing National Aeromodelling Workshop '17

The Boeing National aeromodelling workshop caters to senior undergraduate and first level graduate students by training them with hands on fabrication of Styrofoam aeromodels and also offers flying training to these students. The workshop is going to be held in L-17 followed by OAT (Open Air Theatre) followed by the airstrip on 14th and 15th of January, 2017. The workshop may also be inaugurated by top Boeing officials from BR&T Bangalore.

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Typography Workshop

Typography workshop was a 3 day workshop conducted from 23 February 2015 – 28 February 2015 by renowed Dr. Udaya Kumar the ‘Indian Rupee symbol’ designer, professor at IIT Guwahati. The main points of learning in this workshop were the

  • What is typography
  • Elements of typography
  • Exploring typefaces and typography
  • Experimental typographic exercises
  • Hand rendering and digital typography exercises

Forms and Aesthetics workshop

A 3 day workshop by Avinash Shinde, Assitant Professor of Design, IIT Guwahati, with emphasis on design of form, form inspiration, form development, working with various materials, rendering the product and displaying it. The workshop started with an aim of making innovative Bluetooth speakers and ended with a great exhibition of various innovative and interesting product designs.

Graphic Design workshop

A 3 day graphic design workshop conducted from 31st October to 2nd November 2014 by Falguni Gokhale with activities on basics of Graphic Design. The workshop included activities on Logo Design, package design and icon design. Falguni Gokhale heads Visual Communication at Design Directions and is alumnus of National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, specializing in visual communication and with more than twenty-three years of design experience

Product Design Sketching and 3D visualization workshop

A 2 day product design sketching and 3D visualization workshop conducted on 24th and 25th January 2015, by Dr. Sumer Singh, Assistant Professor IDDC, IIT Delhi, teaching various methods of representation of products from basics to displaying 3D visualization of products.

Nasal Spray Design Workshop

A team from University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and Pharmaceutical company Merck conducted a 2 day workshop following Human centered design approach held on 21st and 22nd February 2015 on ‘Redesigning the current treatment of colds’. The workshop followed the whole design process with various groups working on the same design brief, with a presentation of various different possible design solutions.

Mobility design workshop

A 5 day workshop from 21st to 26th workshop on Mobility design by Bidyabijay Bhaumik an IDC, IIT Bombay alumni. The workshop included extensive research on a chosen vehicle category tractors, analyzing various brands of tractors and understanding the various shortcomings in the existing design for drivers and passengers. Bidyabijay Bhaumik is a renowned automobile designer who has worked with a number of leading Indian companies such as Baja Auto, M&M, Kinetic engineering and Force motors. The workshop ended with a presentation on the various design issues found and the design solutions narrowed down by following design process.

"Jugaad" workshop

A 4 day workshop from 8th to 11th March 2015 focusing on mobility and agriculture segments at rural areas in Kanpur. The workshop was conducted by The workshop helps in taking forward some innovative ideas and products being used by local people in the above mentioned segments. Students from Sweden, Finland, Taiwan and IITK worked on these low-cost design/technology solutions along with their innovations and faculty, with an aim to enrich the product further and give an enhanced product experience for the people.

Rural Design Collaboration

A 2 day workshop on rural design collaboration efforts, conducted on 30th April and 1st May, a set of 4 workshops at Rasoolabad, these workshops were run by design students with Jhumkee Senguta, Faculty, Design Program.

  • Toys from Trash (for 5th to 8th Std students), Lead Facilitator - Kulwant Singh, Y13y
  • Introduction to Design (9th to 12th Std students), Lead Facilitator- Shweta Nair, Y13
  • Multi Jugaad Workshop (Adults aged 16 to 45yrs), Lead Facilitator - Amit Kundal, Ph.D design scholar
  • Jute-Kantha-Cross Stitch Products Workshop (Adults aged 21 to 45yrs), Lead Facilitator - Sharmila Sen (external resource)

USID Gurukul 2014

A 6 day workshop held from 15th to 20th December 2014, headed by Raman Saxena, co-founder USID foundation, visiting faculty – Design programme, IITK, with multiple teams involving students from various universities across India collaboratively working on design issues in Indian society. The workshops included talks and presentation by various designers and design faculty from esteemed institutions on design progress and design methodologies. By the end of the workshop the teams came up with innovative solutions to the then existing design problems.

Skill development programme-Leather craft cell

A 2 day skill development programme conducted on 27th and 28th June 2015, by Prabhat Kumar, design student at IIT Kanpur, on insights to the leather industry, possibilities of leather as design material and craft material. The workshop also included hands-on practice on leather crafting.

Toy design workshop

A 2 day workshop on 4th and 5th of April 2015, conducted by Manish Jain, an IITK alumni, who works with Arvind Gupta a renowned toy maker from trash, on making simple yet intriguing toys with basic scientific principles to teach children the concepts of physics and mechanics. The workshop was filled with fun toys which could be made in a very short duration yet made people question, how the toys work.