Announcement 1: Selected papers from the beta-track will be published in CMTI-India Manufacturing Technology Today (MTT) journal.
Announcement 2: Special session on "Underwater Precision Manufacturing" by IIT Guwahati Technology Innovation and Development Foundation (section 8 company). Papers are invited for this session. Kindly also mail a copy of the manuscript to Prof. U.S. Dixit at
Announcement 3: Workshop on "Recent advances in Metrology and Measurements" by Prof. G.L. Samuel.
KARYASHALA : ACCELERATE VIGYAN SCHEME :Sponsored by Science and Engineering Research Board, Dec 5th to Dec 15th, 2022.

***COPEN12 Inaugural Schedule***

***COPEN12 Schedule***

***Mechatronics and Microfabrication KARYASHALA Details***

***Underwater Precision Manufacturing KARYASHALA Details***

The IIT Kanpur invites you to the 12th edition of COPEN. The conference will continue its tradition of being the centre to exchange ideas and present research relevant to precision, micro, meso and nano engineering.

Submissions to, and presentations at COPEN 12 will follow a new modality aimed at ensuring higher quality scientific exchanges. There will be three tracks for presentation. α-track for presenting posters showcasing early-stage research and development, β-track for presenting 4-page papers showcasing research that has reached some maturity, and the δ-track for presenting improvements to research already published in International journals of repute in the last 12 months.

Special panel sessions on career prospects for graduating/recently graduated PhDs; how to write and present; and how to identify industrially relevant research questions. Special invited talks by distinguished scientists, by industry practitioners, and by early-career researchers.