CgS IDP faculty

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Achla Misri Raina is a Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. She has a strong interest in the cognitive underpinnings of language. Her current research interests include semantic underspecification, and pragmatic aspects of grammaticalisation and modality. She is also interested in untranslatables across linguistic cultures. Her empirical data are drawn from Indic, Dravidian and Germanic languages. She also works on sign languages occasionally. Personal Webpage

Ark Verma is an Experimental Psychologist, currently working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Cognitive Science Program at IIT Kanpur. Ark is looking to investigate whether various components of Attention are lateralised to one of the two hemispheres of the brain and to what extent. Also, he is specifically interested in figuring out how people read words, particularly in Hindi, but also other Indian Languages. Finally, he is currently also involved in investigating behavioural and cognitive correlates of the concept of 'self-hood'.

Bishakh Bhattacharya is a Professor in Mechanical Engineering. His current research interests relevant to this program include cognitive design, intelligent system design, child-robot interaction, EEG signal processing, Application of Eye-tracking to cognitive process simulation and Brain Inspired Robotics. Personal Webpage

Debabrata Goswami is a Professor of Chemistry. His research interests in the cognitive sciences program include functional imaging, optical stimuli effects on simple versus complex systems, mind/brain interface, vision and image processing, and quantum versus classical computer intelligence and learning. Personal Webpage

Devpriya Kumar is an assistant professor of psychology and cognitive science in the Department of Humanities and social sciences. His primary interest is in understanding how action can be understood in terms of control of perception, and how this coupling between perception and action influences the higher order experiences that an individual has. His research interest includes Action and sense of agency, emotion perception and social interaction, and intentionality. Personal Webpage

Harish Karnick is a Professor of Computer Science. His research interests in cognitive science live at the interface between statistical learning theory and language. Specifically, he is interested in computationally modelling how people learn concepts, how they learn language and how languages evolve.

Jonaki Sen is an Associate Professor in the department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering. Her research program is focussed on understanding the molecular mechanisms through which neurons are produced, how they migrate, differentiate and make connections to appropriate targets during embryonic development. Her lab investigates the role of signalling molecules and their interactions with one another in this context, using both chick and mouse embryos as model systems. Personal Webpage

Mohua Banerjee is a professor in the department of Mathematics and Statistics. Her current research interests fall broadly in the area of formal reasoning in theories involving incomplete information. In cognitive science, her interests lie in exploring approximate and common-sense reasoning methods that attempt to model human reasoning. Personal Webpage

Nishchal K. Verma is an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering. His research interests relevant to this program include cognitive science, big data analysis, intelligent data mining algorithms and applications, computer vision and image processing, brain computer/machine interface, internet of things/cyber physical systems, intelligent agents and their applications and deep learning. Personal Webpage

Nitin is an assistant professor in the department of Biological Sciences and Bioengineering. His current research focuses on (1) understanding the neural circuit mechanisms that encode behavioral preferences for smells in insect brains, and (2) developing software-based interventions for treatment of psychiatric disorders in humans. Personal Webpage

Nisheeth is an Assistant Professor in Computer Science, working at the interface between computational cognitive science and artificial intelligence. His research has two primary themes. First, he wants to understand the core scientific principles that govern the mind. He explores these using a combination of behavioral experiments and computational modeling. Second, he likes to develop applications of cognitive science for AI and machine learning. Personal Webpage

A. V. Ravishankar Sarma is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. He is interested in the Cognitive Science of thinking and reasoning. His objective is to understand how people actually reason and mentally construct new possibilities in various domains of thinking and reasoning. Other areas of interest include, Belief Revision, Non-monotonic Reasoning, Causality, Counterfactual Reasoning, and Formal Epistemology. Personal Webpage

Shikha Dixit is a Professor of Psychology in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. Her current interests include social cognition, illness cognition, emotion regulation and well-being, and cognitive adaptation in the context of illness. She also studies organizational cognition. Personal Webpage

Vineet Sahu is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences. He is interested in Philosophy of Mind and thereof the philosophical foundations and assumptions of Cognitive Science - the various ways in which mind, mentality and values are conceptualized. My other research interests include Ethics and Moral thinking, Political philosophy and Philosophical anthropology. Personal Webpage