Sandhya   wrote on 4th April 2011

I was rather shocked to hear the news of his untimely demise.


Madhav Ranganathan   wrote on 4th April 2011

A very charming and affectionate person, always full of life.


Kapil   wrote on 4th April 2011

The demise of Prof. B.D. Gupta is unbearable to me. He was always very friendly to me and guided me whenever I needed him. He is an ideal to me. May his soul rest in peace!!


Gurunath Ramanathan   wrote on 4th April 2011

A very approachable and affectionate teacher, colleague and friend - he will be missed by all of us.


Chandrasekhar   wrote on 4th April 2011

BDG and his family were personal family friends and his sudden demise is a major shock. He was a warm and friendly person and was an extrovert. He served IIT Kanpur with great distinction for nearly 3 decades. For the last one and a half years he was first at IIT Ropar and then at Bahra University. During this last stint he and bhabhiji visited us and we had a really nice time. BD was really enjoying his stint at Bahra and he very enthusiastic about building that Institution. One of his last academic achievements was the nice book on organometallic chemistry that he co-authored with Anil Elias. It is difficult to think that BDG is no more and the suddenness of it all is quite galling while at the same time reminding us of our impermanance. Hope God gives his family the strength and fortitude to bear this tragic loss.


Peeyush Chandra   wrote on 4th April 2011

BDG is no more - just cannot believe. We were neighbours in type III and our children grew together. We cannot forget his ever smiling face. Always warm and lively. In deed death is very cruel. We will miss him.


Harshit Gangwar   wrote on 4th April 2011

May his soul rest in peace....And Almighty,please give his family members lots of courage to pass this hard time....


J.P. Gupta   wrote on 4th April 2011

Prof. B D Gupta and Mrs were close friends of all those who met them even once. Such a helpful couple well known for their open heart hospitality and ever smiling face. BDG was most helpful in any thing I ever requested, whether in the wedding of our son, organisation of international conference, selection of faculty for the new institute I am at, and many other times as well. They have successfully transmitted these characteristics of hospitality, smile and helpfulness to their children also. Words fail me and many others to express our great sense of personal loss. May his soul rest in peace.


Deepak Kumar Gupta   wrote on 4th April 2011



Vijay Singh   wrote on 4th April 2011

We remember Prof. B. D. Gupta as a man with an ever smiling face and a positive outlook. He was warm and kind to all. His positive attitude was infectious. As a family we got to know each other through our sons. Both were in the same class and have been fast friends. His passing away will leave a vacuum in our lives. Saroj and Vijay Singh Ex-Faculty, IIT Kanpur


Avinash K Agarwal   wrote on 4th April 2011

The untimely and sudden demise of Prof. B D Gupta has been a personal tragedy for me and my family. Gupta family was very very close us and we have no words to express our deep sense of loss. Prof. BDG was an open hearted and charming person. His presence will be sorely missed by IITK community. He was always there with all his friend in the hours of need. I will join my family in praying to god for Prof. B D Gupta. May his soul rest in peace. You will always remain in our hearts Prof. Gupta.


RAJESH AGARWAL   wrote on 4th April 2011

Good Evening Mam, I do not know sir, but reading his home page i came to know that sir was a good soul. i pray to GOD for his eternal peace. Thank you Mam.


Debabrata Goswami   wrote on 5th April 2011

It is really a huge shock as I also had the distinction of being taught by BDG (as we fondly called him) in our MSc batch of 1988. Also, my close friend and MSc batchmate, Alokesh Ghosal, who had terrible sleep cycle did his MSc project him at our time and I still remember he was very patient with him. Personally, as a senior colleague, he had has provided me with a large number of inputs when I was trying to compile the Departmental alumni list. Bhabhiji has always been a very warm person. On behalf of our batch of 1987 M.Sc. (Chemistry) graduates, I would also like to convey the message that our condolences lie with the bereaved family and may his soul rest in peace.


vineet   wrote on 5th April 2011

i am a recent entrant to the iitk family - joined this place over two years back. although i have never interacted with prof. gupta, i do fondly remember his ever smiling & joyous persona. to have lived and touched others lives is a semblance of immortality.


vaibhav gupta   wrote on 5th April 2011

we miss nice faculty .


Simant Srivastav   wrote on 5th April 2011

we were knowing gupta sir because of his cool smile.he would be always in heart of student of our department.


saurabh   wrote on 6th April 2011

I pray that his soul rest in peace.


Anjali Pandey   wrote on 6th April 2011

I am terribly shocked at this sudden demise of BDG. He was kind and considerate to us. He always kept his smile on his lips. His passing away will not leave a void in our lives but in the hearts of every one who knew him. His mememories will always remain deep within my heart. May God help the family to bear this loss.


RAJENDRA KUMAR   wrote on 6th April 2011

I pray that his soul rest in peace.


Biswajit Saha   wrote on 6th April 2011

He will be remembered for ever for his smiling face.I pray that his soul rest in peace.


Manmatha Mahato   wrote on 6th April 2011

He will always remain within our hearts, and we have included him and you in our daily prayers. May God give you strength.


Nitin Munjal   wrote on 7th April 2011

Having read under him about 7 years back, I would say Chem lost one of its great contributors. May he rest in peace!


Sandeep Verma   wrote on 7th April 2011

My family and I are deeply aggrieved by BDG’s untimely departure. His sane advice and guidance was much sought when I entered the Chemistry department as a new faculty. I was able to interact with him often and see his ever-smiling face as my laboratory was next to his laboratory in the Core Labs. Soon we became close family friends: we rejoiced together on festivals, celebrated together in success and helped each other in need. Lasting memories of BD flood us at this hour of grief as “only in the agony of parting do we look into the depths of love” (Gerorge Eliot). BD, we will miss you!


chandrashekar T.K.   wrote on 7th April 2011

Dear bhabiji, Iam really shocked. Please accept our heart felt condolences and we pray almighty to give you strength to bear this loss to you and family. ASHA&TKC


S Kumar   wrote on 7th April 2011

May God give enough strength to the bereaved family to bear the irreparable loss.May the departed soul rest in peace.


Subhash Pandey   wrote on 7th April 2011

Really unbelievable and shocking news !! He oftenly talked to me from IIT Ropar. We cannot forget his smiling face. May God bless power & strenght to his family to bear this loss. Subhash Pandey & family. ************************


Veena Singh   wrote on 8th April 2011

A very nice and affectionate person, full of life.I pray that his soul rest in peace. Almighty, please give his family members lots of courage to pass this hard time.


P.C.Savita   wrote on 8th April 2011

I am deeply sorry just reading the news regarding the untimely sad demise of Dr. V.D. Gupta. May Almighty give strength to his family members to bear this irreperable loss. P.C. Savita Superintendent GATE Office IIT Kanpur


Joseph John   wrote on 8th April 2011

We as a family are extremely sad to hear about the sudden and untimely demise of Prof.B.D.Gupta.We were neighbours Prof.Gupta for several years (9 years in Type III and 10 years in Type IV).We knew Prof.Gupta, Mrs.Gupta and also Sonia, Shalu and Gaurav for many years. We are extremely sad. We lost a good friend. I will always remember his smiling face. We pray for strength to Mrs.Gupta and children to bear the loss of Prof.Gupta.


anjana yadav   wrote on 8th April 2011

honourable sir, sir jam k prep. k liye objective question k liye kaun si book se prep. kare.


Prashant Dubey   wrote on 8th April 2011

I pray to GOD to give peace and calm to immortal soul of Lt. Prof B. D. Gupta.


meera batra   wrote on 8th April 2011

i am extremely sorry to leatn about the sad demise of Prof B.D.Gupta and. always remember his cheerful face as I met them walking very often and my prayers for the family to bear the loss.


arpit   wrote on 9th April 2011

I am not from IIT but I always wanted to be,just going through the site of IIT kanpur that is when I learnt about it. My deepest consolation to his family and friends..........Moreover,I also recognize it as the great loss to the intellectual world.


Soumil   wrote on 9th April 2011

Prof. B.D. Gupta taught me chemistry in my 2nd year and I always admired his energy and enthusiasm while teaching. Even today, I remember the way he used to explain physical chemistry concepts to us in the class. I pray to God that his soul may find peace in the heavens.


Ramesh P. Singh   wrote on 9th April 2011

It was unbelievable news, now we can not see his smiling face. I remember spending whole nights with him during Diwali season on IIT K campus, BD you left so early, you will be missed by all of us. May his soul rest in peace. RP


Santosh Shanu   wrote on 10th April 2011

It is completely shocking to hear the sudden bad news.We really missed the best professor,best guide and best dean.


shanti gopal patra   wrote on 10th April 2011

I pray to god to give him place in heaven.


Abhijit   wrote on 11th April 2011

First professor in our department who made me realize that there is really something interesting and conceptual in chemistry. First time I had 100% attendance in any class and not because he took our attendance( he never took it) but it's his ever smiling face and his willingness to explain from anything to everything. I also did summer project under him. His one advice will always remain with me and I am still following it. May his soul rest in peace.


Satyam   wrote on 11th April 2011

May GOD Bless his Soul..., Nd the family also be blessed by The Almighty GOD..,


Dr Anil J. Elias   wrote on 11th April 2011

The sudden demise of BDG had been a great shock for many of us who were his former colleagues and friends. For me it is indeed a great personal loss as we worked together during the last five-six years talking and discussing and writing almost daily in bringing out the text book "Basic Organometallic Chemistry" which was one of his dream projects. We even used to fight on issues related to the book and then make up later and it was a great learning experience and although has was more than 10 years senior to me, he was just like an elder brother to me and never ever got angry or upset and was always willing to learn something new. As the first edition of our book was sold-out within an year and the international edition hit the Amazon top seller list, he used to call me up and tell me how happy he was. I have no words to express my sadness and me and my family join Bhabhiji, children and you all in sharing the grief. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. His ever smiling face, friendship and boundless enthusiasm will always be remembered in our hearts.


Sai Krishna   wrote on 11th April 2011

i dont know what ot say in these situations but I do remember him telling us a story in every tutorial, Chem 101. And i od remember him telling about the scientist who had 100 cups of coffee just to see the adverse effects of it, and after the 100th , he died.


sandeep Kushwaha   wrote on 12th April 2011

May her soul rest in peace...


Manoj Kumar   wrote on 12th April 2011

It was an utmost shock and very sad to hear about the demise of Professor Gupta (BDG). It is certainly for me a great loss as I was previlaged to have him as my PhD supervisor and teacher. I will always remember him for his upbeat sprit and commitment to world class science.


shankar prawesh   wrote on 12th April 2011

Deeply hurt by the loss of a great teacher!


santosh   wrote on 13th April 2011

the woods are lovely, dark and deep, but i have promises to keep and miles to go before i sleep and miles to go before i sleep, indeed he went miles that will remain a source of inspiration for those who are miles behind him, on the road to excellence.


Dr.K.E.Hole   wrote on 16th April 2011

I and Kumud received the news of sad demise of Dr.B.D.Gupta with profound grief.May god give strength to Mrs. Gupta and children to bear with the loss.We also pray that his soul may rest in peace. K.E.Hole Kumud Holey


ajay kr   wrote on 17th April 2011

bhagwan unki aatma ko shanti dein aur unke well wishers ke upar hamesha uparwaley ki dua bani rahe.unko mera charan sparsha.


Faisal   wrote on 19th April 2011

I remember, as a 1st year student of B.Tech , Prof Gupta to be very lively person and made the chemistry a joyful subject to read. His demise is indeed very sad...


Syam Kumar   wrote on 20th April 2011

Very sad to hear the untimely demise of Prof. B. D. Gupta. He will remain within our heart with his ever smiling face. May his soul rest in peace.


Niranjan Dass   wrote on 21st April 2011

I am really shocked to know of sudden and untimely demise of Dr.BD Gupta.It is hard to believe that now I will never be able to see the very lively and smiling face of Dr. BD Gupta. May God give the courage and strength to Bhabhiji, Sonia, Shalu and Gaurav to bear this unbearable loss and peace to the departed Soul. Niranjan Dass & Nalini Grover


R M Singru   wrote on 21st April 2011

I am shocked to read about the passing away of Professor B D Gupta. I knew him in IIT Kanpur. He was a kind, cheerful person always interacting in a warm,friendly manner. My wife joins me in sending his family our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences. may his soul rest in peace. Ramesh M Singru


Arijit Kumar De   wrote on 23rd April 2011

I just got this news and all I can say that I am shocked! BDG loved teaching: he was a serious, passionate & gifted teacher - I took one course (during my PhD) with him and I will remember for ever his eloquent lectures reflecting his profound knowledge in Inorganic Chemistry in general & Organometallic Chemistry in particular. Apart from that he has been one of the most enthusiastic Profs in the Department: I remember how he patted me with affection after we all put our efforts together to bring the Chemical Society Freshers Night to a different level. May his soul rest in peace!


S V Zade   wrote on 25th April 2011

May God rest his soul in peace.


pankajsharma   wrote on 25th April 2011

i knew pro.B.D.Gupta passed away i was very upset .we lost a great scientist of India .we grieved his family.


Preeti Chadha   wrote on 27th April 2011

Sir, may your soul rest in peace....


Ken Brown   wrote on 28th April 2011

I am devastated to hear of the untimely death of my dear friend and colleague B D Gupta. I will always remember him as a the kindest, most caring person, with a great passion for his chemistry and the greatest concern for his students. What a terrible loss for his family, his friends, and the chemistry community. I will miss him for the rest of my life.


Karen Eichstadt   wrote on 29th April 2011

I am deeply saddened to learn of the death of a colleague and friend. BD and I worked together on a variety of teaching-related projects at Ohio University. He loved chemistry and sharing his passion with students. He cared so deeply for his lovely family. I will be thinking of them at this very difficult time.


Lauren McMills   wrote on 29th April 2011

I am saddened to hear of the passing of BD. I will remember him as a gifted teacher and a friend who always had a ready smile. BD was always positive and upbeat. My sincere condolences go out to his family.


anjani dubey   wrote on 24th May 2011

i dont know sir , but still i say he has been a great personality and a good teacher


Ashutosh Pandey   wrote on 24th May 2011

Just now I heard the sudden demise of Sir. I worked with him as a post doc for about a year. He was a very kind and affectionate person. His smiling face can never be forgotten. May God rest his soul with eternal peace. Dr. Ashutosh Pandey Chemistry Dept. MNNIT Allahabad


Abhishek Kumar Verma   wrote on 7th June 2011

A great teacher.