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Petro Tel Distinguished Lecture Series

The Petro Tel Distinguished Lecture series in Chemical Engineering at IIT Kanpur, has been endowed by a generous donation from
Dr. Anil K. Chopra
(B. Tech./ChE/IITK/1976; PhD, University of Houston, USA, 1982),
President, CEO and Chairman
Petro Tel Inc., 5240 Tennyson Parkway, Suite 207, Plano, TX, USA.

Feb 7, 2004
Professor M. M. Sharma, FRS
UICT, Mumbai
Emerging Scenarios of Chemical Engineering
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Feb 8, 2005 Professor K. S. Gandhi
Department of Chemical Engineering
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Modeling as a Vocation: A Personal Account
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April 12, 2006 Professor J. B. Joshi
UICT, Mumbai
Institution - Industry Partnership at UICT
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September 21, 2007 Dr. S. Sivaram
NCL, Pune
Materials and Energy Derived from Carbohydrates:
Opportunities, Challenges and Sustainability Assessment
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February 16, 2010 Prof. M. S. Ananth
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
The Changing Environment of Higher Education and Some India-Centric Concerns
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February 10, 2011 Dr. B. D. Kulkarni
NCL, Pune
Geometry of Nature
February 17, 2012 Dr. T. Ramasami
DST, Govt. of India
Combining Relevance with Excellence: A Scientist's Delight

February 27, 2013 Dr. K. Vijayraghavan
DBT, Govt. of India
Neural Stem cells in the making of the brain
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March  23, 2015 Prof. Aniruddha Pandit
Indian Institute of Chemical Engineering (ICT), Mumbai
Heating and Cooking Devices: Modelling and Designs; Energy and Costs
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