CHE Seminars  

Speaker Dr. Srinivisa Mohan
Ansys Pune
Topic Practice of CFD in the process industries: A personal perspective
Date August 16, 2010 (Monday)
Place L-1, Lecture Hall Complex
4:00 to 5.00 p.m.

In the first part of this talk, I wish to show how the concept of Simulation Driven Product Development is practiced in the chemical and process industries. Through various examples derived from real life, how Computational Fluid Dynamics helps engineers to make decisions in the face of various uncertainties.In the second part of talk, I will present some Lagrangian models for dense phase particulate flows that I have implemented. Through industrial examples and validations, I will show how this model is an improvement over the current methods available for modeling particulate flows in the industry.

Dr. Srinivisa Mohan completed his Ph.d from IISc in 2000 for the work he did on the flow of granular materials through bins. Prior to that he did his M.Tech. at IISc and B.Tech in electrochemical engineering from the central electrochemical research institute. Currently, he is a lead technology specialist working on computational fluid dynamics for multi-phase flows.

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