CHE Seminars  


Speaker Dr. Lakshminarayana Rao
Product Development Scientist, PyroGenesis Canada Inc., Canada
Topic Thermal Plasma Technology for Renewable Energy Production, Waste Destruction and Advanced Materials Production
Date 02 July, 2013 (Tuesday)
Place L-8
Time 4.00 PM - 5.00 PM


Depleting carbon based energy resources and shortage of energy due to ever increasing demand is driving the research towards sustainable, renewable energy sources. Coupled with this problem is the increasing generation of waste. Treatment of waste has become the central problem of our age, as conventional methods of waste disposal such as landfills, ocean dumps and incinerators are becoming less and less viable. Thermal plasma technology is emerging as a game changing technology to address these problems. Thermal plasma based system have unique characteristics such as high energy densities, high temperatures, presence of reactive ions and radicals which can vaporize any material and break any chemical bond. In this presentation, I discuss some of my findings on, development of plasma torches and thermal plasma systems for destruction of hazardous waste. Also, I will outline my future research plans on development of thermal plasma technology for environmental solutions, renewable energy production and advanced material production.


Education PhD: Chemical engineering department, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. 2004-2007; M.Sc (Eng): Materials engineering department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,India. 2002-2004; B.E.: Chemical engineering, Bangalore University, Bangalore, India. 1996-2000

Work Experience

1) Technology Development Manager, Pyrogenesis Canada Inc., Montreal, Canada, October 2012 –To date; 2) Product Development Scientist, Pyrogenesis Canada Inc., Montreal, Canada, Jan 2007 – September 2012

Research Contribution

Nine Journal Publication; Nine International Conference Presentations; Three Patent Applications; One Book chapter titled “ Scale up of Carbide Production” in a book titled “Scale up in Metallurgy’Thermal Plasma Technology for Renewable Energy Production, Waste Destruction and Advanced Materials Production

Awards and Prizes

Recipient of research fellow ships from a) Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Canada, b) McGill University; Best outgoing thesis medal from IISc Bangalore, for M Sc thesis work; University 10th Rank medal in B. E.