CHE Seminars  

Speaker Dr. Om P. Kharbanda
Topic Are you listening ? Not really !
Date Wednesday, 13 April 2005
Place L-2 Lecture Hall Complex
4.00 to 5.00 p.m.

Listening is in-born, so also loving and laughing! But, we soon forget them as we grow! For they are never taught! Just try this little experiment: On greeting a friend, may ask: `How are you, Om, this morning? I say, casually: I died last night! The friend may well respond: 'Good, I am fine, too'! Why? for, the person hears what he expects! We all know that such habits are formed in childhood. And therefore, that infants must be taught at dining table (the First school!), play' school, as well as in the infant and primary school: the 3 L's: Love, Laugh & Listen. Children are born with these natural instincts, but seem to forget these, as they grow! Since these are (almost) never taught! Love is taken for granted in India specially. Parents, of course, love their children, so why say it! I maintain: Why Not? It sounds so lovely! Unfortunately both drop steadily due `disciplining' by the parents, elders and even teachers: Don't laugh, LISTEN! Don't talk! LISTEN! In my `second' childhood, I would ask: Tell me, please, How to listen ? I am certain, the teachers do not know! Since they have never been taught themselves! The result: laughs reduce from some hundreds to dozens in a day, Love is hardly ever mentioned and LISTENING never! An average adult, as a result, is a poor listener, in fact miserable - 20%!

Dr Om P Kharbanda, author of 30 internationally renowned management-related books, matriculated from Jhang (along with the Nobel Laureate Abdus Salaam) in 1940. He subsequently obtained his MChE & DChE in chemical engineering from the Polytechnic University of New York (1947-54) under legendary chemical engineers Kern, Kirk, Mark and Othmer. Projects have been Dr Kharbanda's life-time mission in America, Europe but mainly in India and developing countries, and also in the Far/Mid East. He has focussed on Techno-economic studies including feasibility, marketing, company restructuring, strategic planning, and cost control systems. His clientele includes: small, medium companies, multinationals, also UNIDO. He teaches MBAs at Bajaj Institute and Rushmore University. He has authored nearly 30 books in finance and management, which are used worldwide today. He lives in Mumbai, India. When not writing, consulting or teaching, Dr Kharbanda (with his wife, Sudershan) teaches three L's (love, laugh and listen) to infant school teachers.