CHE Seminars  


Speaker Ashutosh Tiwari
Biosensors and Bioelectronics Centre, IFM-Linköping University,Linköping,Sweden
Topic SMART Nanosystems for Biomedical Devices
Date 26 September, 2013 (Thursday)
Place L10
Time 4.00 PM - 5.00 PM


The development of bioengineered smart nanomaterials in environment survivability is the recent arena of nanoscience and nanotechnology. It is a newly emerging supra-disciplinary field with growing commercial potentials. Stimuli-responsive nanosystems answer by a consider-able change in their properties to small changes in their environment viz. i) physical- temperature, electric or magnetic fields, and mechanical stress; and ii) chemical effectors- pH, ionic factors, chemical agents, biological agents. Such responsive biosystems are attractive increasingly more prevalent as scientists learn about the chemistry and triggers that induce conformational changes in structures and devise ways to take advantage of and control them. New smart bioengineered nanosystems are being formulated that sense specific environmental changes and adjust in a predictable manner, making them useful bio-tools. The progress in this field would make significant contributions to advanced medical technology, bioelectronics, nanomaterials and nanotechnology. The aim of talk is to discuss various stretegy of cutting-edge bioengineered nanosystems for biomedical devices.


Ashutosh Tiwari is Associate Professor at the world premier Biosensors and Bioelectronics Centre, Linköping University, Sweden; Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Materials Letters; Secretary General, International Association of Advanced Materials; a materials chemist and graduated from University of Allahabad, India.. He is actively engaged as reviewer, editor and member of scientific bodies around the world. Dr. Tiwari obtained various prestigious fellowships including JSPS (regular and bridge fellow), Japan; SI, Sweden; and Marie Curie, England/Sweden. In his academic carrier, he has published over 200 articles, patents and conference proceedings in the field of materials science and technology. He edited/authored fifteen books on the advanced state-of-the-art of materials science with several publishers. He became Series Editor of Advanced Materials, WILEY-Scrivener in 2013; working group member of the technology integration of TD1003, European Cooperation in Science and Technology; and a founder member of Advanced Materials World Congress, a famous international event of materials science and engineering since 2010. Dr. Tiwari is receipt of high-status 'The Nano Award' and 'Innovation in Materials Science Award and Medal'.