CHE Seminars  


Speaker Dr. Kirti Chandra Sahu
Department of Chemical Engineering, I.I.T. Hyderabad
Topic Instabilities in viscosity-stratified flows
Date 10 ,March 2014 (Monday) 2014
Place L3
Time 4.00 PM - 5.00 PM


Viscosity is a function of space and time in a large variety offluid flows, and its variation can have a dramatic effect on flow stability. In this talk, we will discuss theinstability due to double-diffusive effects in viscosity-stratified flows. Double-diffusive systems are known to display a rich variety of instability behavior in density stratified systems. In viscosity-stratified systems, we found the stable flow in the context of single component systems becomes unstable due to double-diffusive effect. Many interesting flow patterns arise due to this instability. In addition to this, some interesting phenomena in drops and bubbles will also be discussed in the talk.


Dr. Kirti Chandra Sahu completed his PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore in April 2007. He was a post-doctoral research associate at Imperial College London till September 2009. Since then he is a faculty at the Department of Chemical Engineering IIT Hyderabad and current serving as an associate professor in the same department. He is a recipient of IUSSTF Research Fellow 2011, Young Associate of Indian Academy of Sciences (2012-2015), NASI - Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award, 2012, and INSA - Medal for Young Scientist, 2013. His research areas include Transition to turbulence in shear flows, spatially developing flows in complex geometries, multiphase and interfacial fluid dynamics.