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ChE Seminars

 Title: Chemical Thermodynamics of Aqueous Atmospheric Aerosols: Modeling and Microfluidic Measurements
Speaker: Dr. Lucy Nandy
Date and Time : Wednesday, Aug. 1st 2018, 16:00-17:00
Venue : L-8

 Title: Zeolite Synthesis and Architecture: Molecular Control during the Transient Stage of Nucleation and Crystal Growth
Speaker: Dr. Manjesh Kumar
Date and Time : Monday, July 23rd 2018, 16:00-17:00
Venue : L-10

Ph.D Open Seminar

  Open Seminar
Speaker:  Ms. Ashna Srivastava (Roll No. 12202062),
Topic:  Dynamics of multi-component thin liquid film flowing over planar heated substrates
Date:  24th August (Friday)
Time:  10:30am
Venue:   L-4

Open Seminar
Speaker:  Ms. Anurag Pramanik (11102062)
Topic:  Reverse Engineering the Controlled Release of Paclitaxel
Date:  21st August 2018
Time:  10 a.m
Venue:  L-14

 Title: Implications of constitutive modelling in the prediction of hydrodynamic instabilities
Name of the Scholar: Mr. Ramkarn Patne (13202062)
Date and Time : Thursday, 2 August 2018 3:45 - 4:45 p.m.
Venue : L10

Name of the Scholar:Mr Vivek Kumar (11102083)
Date and Time : Friday, the 13th July 2018,10:00 - 11:00 hrs
Venue : L13

 Title: "Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow past a rotating cylinder: Momentum and Heat transfer Characteristics"
Name of the Scholar: Ms. Pooja Thakur (Roll no. 13102072)
Date and Time : July 9, 2018(Monday) at 10:30am
Venue : L-8

 Title:"Al2O3 supported Ni and Ni-based catalysts development of descriptors for CH4 cracking, CO2 reforming of CH4 and CO2 hydrogenation reactions"
Name of the Scholar:Mr. Koustuv Ray
Date and Time : 25-07-2017 (Wednesday) 16:00
Venue : L-15

 Title:"Self-organization in thin films: A Key to mesoscopic patterning and dewetting in soft films"
Name of the Scholar:Ms. Priyanka Sachan
Date and Time : 31-05-2017 (Wednesday) 3:00 pm
Venue : L-9

 Title: A Theoretical Study on the Contact Instability of a Thin Viscoelastic Film: Influence of Moving Contactor, Surface Curvature, and Patterns"
Name of the Scholar:Abir Ghosh
Date and Time : 20-09-2017 (Monday),4:00 pm
Venue : L-8

Ph.D Thesis Defence

 Title: Molecular Simulation Study of Ice Nucleation in the Presence of Foreign Substances"
Name of the Scholar:Atanu K. Metya (Roll No:12102064)
Date and Time : 31st July, 2018 (Tuesday),3.00 p.m.
Venue : NL-II, 205 (Conference Room)

 Title: "Stability analysis of coating flows in planar and cylindrical configurations"
Name of the Scholar:Mr. Tara Chand Kumawat (Roll No. 13102078)
12th July (Thursday), 10:30am
Venue : FB-463(Chem. Engg. Conf. Room)


M.Tech Thesis Defence

Name of the Scholar: Jaishri Jain (Roll No. 13807322)-Dual Degree
Date and Time :3rd July, 2018 (Tuesday),9-10 AM
Venue :FB 463

 Title:"Rheology and Segregation of Granular Materials in Plane Shear"
Name of the Scholar: Arijit Chakrabarty(Roll No. 16102009), M.Tech
Date and Time :11th June, 2018 (Monday),10 AM
Venue : FB 463

 Title:"Steam and Dry Reforming of Methane Over MgAl2O4 supported Ni and Ni-Co catalysts"
Name of the Scholar: Amber Jaiswal (13807090) a B.Tech-M.Tech (Dual Degree) student
Date and Time :08-06-18,16:00 p.m
Venue : FB463 (Chemical Engineering Conference room)

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