M.Tech Programme in Chemical Engineering

The four semester M.Tech. program attracts approximately 40 students each year. The students are required to take a minimum of six courses, including two from mandatory streams- catalysis and reaction engineering, transport phenomena, thermodynamics, and mathematics or numerical methods. This is followed by six course units and a summer term of research. After spending two years, a student in master’s program may transition to doctoral study in the department. Every year about 20 to 25 students are admitted to our doctoral program. A PhD student is required to complete at least six graduate level courses and qualify a comprehensive exam. Five to six students are awarded doctoral degree in chemical engineering each year.

Doctor Of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme in Chemical Engineering

DURATION: 4-5 years

ADMISSION: Admission to the Ph. D. programme is generally made in both the semesters in a year, i.e., July and December. Selection is done through a written test followed by interview. Industries and research organizations may also sponsor a candidate for admission to the Ph. D. program. Course requirements: The students take a minimum of six courses to develop expertise in ChE fundamentals as well as to complement their research work.

RESEARCH: Post coursework (up to 1 year), students work on a research problem of their interest under the guidance of a faculty mentor(s). Working on a particular problem for 3-4 years is a unique experience that helps in developing a scientific temper along with the associated technical communication skills. The typical norm for graduation is 3- 4 publications in reputed peer reviewed journals. MHRD offers scholarships currently at ` 16-20,000 per month to full time Ph. D. students. Scholarships from research projects are also available